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HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 20 December 2017 - The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) will host the winning entries exhibition for "Create Your District" Competition 2017 at Grand Plaza, Mongkok, from 9 to 24 January 2018. With sophisticated hand-made models being exhibited, the public will have the opportunity to, in an immersive manner, know more about the views of young people on issues such as sustainable development, conservation and revitalisation, etc., and learn more about the surveyors' scope of work.


The Exhibition of "Create Your District" Competition 2017 will display the winning entries, including the models of an ideal Sham Shui Po District hand-crafted by winning secondary school students and their written proposals. The "Create Your District" Competition 2017 was initialised by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors for its first time this year, taking the multi-cultural Sham Shui Po District as the focus research area. The competition was opened to Form 3 to Form 6 secondary school students and impressively obtained the applications from over 130 students from 26 secondary schools. The competition aimed at encouraging students to observe and be aware of the environment, policies and management of their communities and creating their own ideal community so as to bring about the importance of Hong Kong's sustainable development while promoting the professional development of surveyors.


The details of the Exhibition for "Create Your District" Competition 2017 held by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors are as follows:


Date 9 to 24 January 2018

Time 1 0:00 am to 1 0:00 pm

Venue 1/F, Grand Plaza, Mongkok


" Surveying is a profession that is closely connected to the daily lives of all people. In this year's policy address, the government mentions urban management as one of the key concerned areas. It has enhanced training resources, policies and measures to optimise Hong Kong's potential of development. HKIS organises the "Create Your District" Competition 2017 which is well received by secondary students and schools. HKIS will host the winning entries exhibition in Mongkok. This allows the public to know more about the surveying industry and the importance of sustainable development to urban planning," said Sr Thomas HO, Immediate Past President of the HKIS .


Each winning entry incorporates the elements of environmental protection, activation and conservation to improve the quality of life and the level of economic income of residents in Sham Shui Po. For example, the first-place winning team from Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College took "Connect, Enhance and Improve and Reserve" as the theme to recommend heritage preservation in Sham Shui Po, make good use of environmental resources and promote sustainable energy development. The team proposed to establish food and clothing markets to reserve traditional economic activities and enhance community vitality while creating opportunities in the district. One of the main objectives of this project was to reserve and demonstrate a strong neighborhood relationship.


The winning entries reflected that young people are making good use of technology to collect and analyse information and provide innovative solutions. For example, the second-place winning team from Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College made reference to the Sweden Underground Waste System. The team proposed to set up this system in Sham Shui Po district so as to lower the exhaust emissions released during the transport of rubbish so as to decrease air pollution.


Please refer to the Appendix for the project descriptions of winning entries on display.


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About the "Create Your District" Competition 2017

The "Create Your District" Competition 2017 was launched on 25 May 2017. Different formats of submissions were accepted from Form 3 to Form 6 students to illustrate Sham Shui Po in an ideal state creatively. Workshops and guided tours were organised by the HKIS in August, where students were guided by surveyors to visit modern buildings and conserved monuments, such as Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po Police Station, Mei Ho House and Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po. Students were given an opportunity to appreciate the importance of Hong Kong's sustainable development and learn more about surveyors' scope of work, including building revitalisation and management.

The award presentation ceremony of the Competition was glad to invite Ir Liu Chun-san, JP, Under Secretary for Development of the Hong Kong SAR Government to be the Guest of Honour. He was accompanied by Sr Thomas Ho, Immediate Past President, HKIS; Sr Dr Lesly Lam, Chairman of the competition's organising committee; and Mr Yan Wai-kiu Mickey, Guest Juror, Outstanding Young Persons of the World Honoree to officiate the ceremony and presented the prizes.

About the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Established in 1984, The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors is the only surveying professional body incorporated by ordinance in Hong Kong. As of 8 December 2017, the number of members reached 9,937, of which 6,404 were corporate members. The Institute's work includes setting standards for professional services and performance, establishing codes of ethics, determining requirements for admission as professional surveyors, access and award the professional qualification, and advance members' professional knowledge, technical and services standards through continuing professional development.


The Institute has an important consultative role in government policy making and on issues affecting the profession. We have advised the Government on issues such as unauthorised building works, building safety campaign, problems of property management, town planning and development strategies, construction quality and housing problems. We are working on amendments to standard forms of building contract and have issued guidance notes on floor area measurement methods.

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Appendix: Project Info of the 3 Winning Entries of HKIS "Create Your District" Competition 2017

First Place


School: Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College


Group Members: Chan Kin Ho, Chen Ka Yui, Cheung Min Hong, Lam Yi Lok Enoch and Wong Wing Ho Anson


Project Description:

With "Heart, water, treasure" as the theme, the project recommends heritage preservation in Sham Shui Po; makes use of the environmental resources and enhances sustainablity of power. Establishing food and clothing markets to preserve traditional economic activities, as well as providing economic opportunities and energise the district. This can also enhance the relationship and connection within the area.

Second Place


School: Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College


Group Members: Chan Pan Lam, Cheung Ka Ka, Hung Heung Lok, Kwan Ming Fai, Wong Ka Sin and Wu Tsz Wun


Project Description:

The most prominent feature of this project is the use of environmental design to improve the environmental condition in Sham Shui Po and enhance the quality of life of the residents. Students proposed to use the Underground Waste System in Sweden to reduce the exhaust emissions released by rubbish trucks, thereby reducing air pollution in the district.

Third Place


School: PLK Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College


Group Members: Chan Oi Ying, Cheung Sum Po, Lin Ka Yuet, Poon Kam Wah Fiona, Tze Pak Yue and Yeung Ka Wai


Project Description:

This project is to divide Sham Shui Po into four major zones, incorporating the charateristics of traditional grassroot community, such as cheap shopping, hawker culture, waste paper and electical appliance recyle industry. A recycle zone and green park are proposed for the people in the neighbourhood to make their living through recycling as well as providing leisure and sports activities through the good use of the park.


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