HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 13 November 2019 - Swiss digital financial trading platform Algo Cipher collaborated with several global indicator FinTech teams to develop its Super Public Blockchain 4.0 Platform ACF (Algo Cipher Funds), which was launched on Nov. 9, 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam, aiming to resolve industry pain points by delivering efficiency, cross chain, high adaptability, and inexpensive maintenance.  The launch of this platform gathered momentum for the upgrading of the overall blockchain industrial application.

Algo Cipher Super Public Blockchain 4.0 Platform Release in Hanoi, Vietnam


Algo Cipher global CEO J.C. Hsu pointed out that against the backdrop of the abundant human resource and mobility Vietnam has to offer, ACF's Hanoi release promises more collaboration in future markets.  Multiple cooperation agreements among global institutions were signed on the ACF Conference, and the prospects of ACF is worth anticipating.


After two years of research and development, Algo Cipher Super Public Blockchain 4.0 Platform ACF achieved major technical breakthroughs.  It not only provides faster algorithms but also facilitates cross chain communication and value exchange, delivering an interconnection of all chains and the cross chain application of all currencies.  2020 will start seeing the launch of major gaming, decentralized gambling, and decentralized charity platforms, and by 2021 an estimated 2000+ app ecosystems on this platform will secure ACF's leading role in the blockchain industry.

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