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Intelligence reports that provide actionable insights crucial to PR teams and professionals

Intelligence Reports - Key Feature
Intelligence Reports - Key Feature

Media OutReach Newswire is the 1st newswire to launch Media and Journalist Insights Dashboard

This reporting has solved the enigma that has plagued PR professionals for a very long time, in trying to gain insights on whether journalists have read their release.

In 2019, Media OutReach Newswire launched our proprietary and pioneering Media and Journalist Insights Dashboard to solve this dilemma. The Media and Journalist Insights tells you how many journalists your release has reached and how many have opened your release by country and by publication. From this insights report, you can track the conversion from open to write up as well as whether your target media is accessing your news.

Our clients have used this report to manage their communication strategy in their target countries across Asia Pacific, USA and UK.
Distribution Details Reports - image
Distribution Details Reports - image
At Media OutReach Newswire, we know how important accurate reporting and easily downloadable reports are for enhancing your work efficiency as a PR professional. We provide two in-depth post-release reports that cover write-ups by journalists and verbatim online news postings with metadata to assess KPIs and measures return on investment. Our reports go even further. You will gain insight into the PR landscape of your industry through our precise media and journalist analysis, which will help you to better plan for your next PR campaign.

Media OutReach Newswire offers post release reports to facilitate reporting

Media OutReach Newswire post-release reports are available in four formats, Microsoft Word and Excel, with qualitative and quantitative performance measurements, easy-to-read and easily downloaded, shared, and presented by PR professionals to their management. This useful time saving, and professional reporting is offered to clients at no additional cost.

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