5 reasons why press releases boost SEO performance

A press release is an official statement delivered to news media members to provide information or make an announcement directed for public release. But did you know that press releases can increase brand awareness for your business and drive organic traffic to your website?
Media OutReach Newswire - 11 Nov 2022

1. Encouraging interest in the brand

A well-executed press release with beneficial information will spark interest for readers, and if done correctly, it is a valuable SEO tool. High-quality press releases lead to backlinks that provide referral traffic from users reading and sharing the news publications. A high-quality backlink will point to the original website when a news source or publication cites the initial press release.

Press release backlinks from high-quality, authoritative, relevant, and natural media outlets and news sources make for excellent backlink profile additions. The acquisition is professional, honest and the publication genuinely makes a positive brand mention.

2. A press release provides several benefits for SEO performance

A press release for SEO will benefit your website in the following ways:
  1. Increases the number of backlinks from other websites

  2. Introduces your site or product to new users

  3. It helps you establish a new marketing channel

  4. Increases your visibility for search engines

  5. Will provide exposure for your site and business

  6. Gives your website better visibility for search engine “spiders”

  7. Increases your search engine rankings

Even if you cannot afford big marketing campaigns, you can easily do press releases for SEO.

3. Invite readers to return by writing exceptional press releases for SEO

First and foremost, with a press release for SEO, you need to write with your audience in mind and ensure it is newsworthy. Engaging and catchy headlines will hook readers to come back for more. It’s important to answer the 5W’s and 1H – who, what, where, when, why and how.

Use your introduction to tell readers about the important facts and moderate to less important things in the body and conclusion. Try to stick to 500 words max for your press release. Include a brief description of the company and all the social media platform links at the bottom of the press release. Keep in mind using keywords and relevant links but ultimately avoid fluff.

4. Optimising a press release for SEO gives a good impression of your site and brand

When you craft an incredible press release with backlinks on your anchor text to your site, it does more than improve your SEO score and enhance the keyword network related to your content. Readers will have an authoritative source, giving a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can optimise your press release for SEO.


Headlines should be engaging, catchy, and about 70 characters long. A press release headline should be written for a human, not a search engine. While your headline must be compelling, do not hyper-focus on headline keywords to enhance SEO; instead, use your headline and sub-headline to reinforce the theme and relevance to your story.

Natural Flowing Links

Do not add hyperlinks to all your keywords in the text. When adding hyperlinks, ensure readers’ relevant content and make sense by integrating them into an anchor text.
  • Use natural links

  • Use phrases and calls-to-action links

  • Use quality links

  • Move vanity links to the boilerplate

  • Omit self-serving and overly promotional links that do not add value

Shareable content

Here you can put press release backlinks to good use with engaging content that readers will want to read or are eager to share. Include compelling, consumer-friendly multimedia content, make sure your press releases are effective on mobile platforms, and that they encourage social media engagement. Gaining earned coverage provides authoritative links back to your brand and is more likely to result in meaningful sharing and attention by their users, who are your ultimate targets.

Great user experience

Great User Experience
The world is going mobile, and the search engines know it. Responsive web design adapts the web layout of your content to the mobile environment, resizing and reordering content as necessary to optimise the user experience for whichever device they are using.

5. Improving brand authenticity

Brands that frequently use press releases are more likely to gain loyal customers. Increase brand reputation by using press releases because they function as trust-building tools between brands and customers.

A press release provides authenticity and credibility for a website. We know that the brand is directly associated with any media publication willing to create awareness of a brand and increase the recognition and authenticity of the business. Press release SEO best practices build trust between the brand and potential clients.

The importance of a press release for SEO

A press release is a communicative tool that informs readers of events, changes, and news relating to the business. While press releases communicate with users, it needs SEO content because they also talk to search engines.

Please do not underestimate the importance of a press releases for SEO when optimising your site, it is worth taking advantage of this marketing tool.
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