Our Story

Media OutReach Newswire was founded in Hong Kong in 2009, with a purpose to provide an authentic distribution service that connects clients and journalists with targeted news.

Our Story

We play a crucial role in the news cycle – being the critical link between news maker (our clients) and news producer (the media). And we are proud to have earned the reputation as the expert newswire in the region, and our distribution and reporting are regarded as one of the best in the newswires industry.

In 2021, Media OutReach was named as “the Most Important and Influential Asian PR Distribution Service provider for Asia Pacific Region” by TMCnet, the world’s leading website covering communications and technology.

From our original goal of building a distribution network for the whole of Asia Pacific region, we have successfully grown to be Asia Pacific’s first global newswire at the end of 2018. From our headquarters in Hong Kong, we have expanded our local presence to Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Media OutReach has also grown to be the trusted partners to other international newswires in North America (Canada & US), UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa to distribute their clients’ news release in the region.

As an individual, what makes us tick is our knowledge of the media and understanding the needs of PR professionals. By combining our knowledge and our investment in technology, we have created a service that better delivers multimedia and multilanguage news releases directly to journalists and editors for them to craft stories and expands their presence in the digital world. Our post release reports answer the need of PR professionals by delivering proprietary insights and more importantly deliver these reports in formats that would help them showcase to stakeholders.

To stay ahead of the curve, Media OutReach continuously innovates by keeping abreast with technology developments to advance the capabilities of our proprietary distribution platform and for creating post release reports that clearly benchmark performance and save time for our clients.

Media OutReach


Founded by Jennifer Kok with headquarters in Hong Kong


Introduced real-time media analysis service

2016 - 2017

Opened regional sales offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan


Became a global newswire


The 1st to launch media and journalist insight dashboard in newswire industry


Expand sales office in Vietnam, Japan and Europe


Expand into US, Canada & China


Media OutReach Newswire was named 2021 OPPO Partner of the Year

Media OutReach

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