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Mainland China

Reach out to 15,000 journalists in China today!

The Mainland China press release distribution also includes more than 260 news postings in English and Simplified Chinese where 150 media news websites are in the country

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For each release, Media OutReach Newswire distributes your release directly into the inbox of newsroom professionals, covering General News and an unlimited targeted news categories. The distribution goal is to help you optimize news write-ups by journalists as well as to help you establish and build media relations with them.


English and Simplified Chinese with complimentary translation


Number of news trade categories


Number of editors & journalists


Number of media titles

Min. 260

Number of guaranteed online news posting by language

Some key websites: Netease, Sohu, Sina China, Futu, Tencent, TouTiao, Eastmoney, iFeng, Shanghai Hotline, Xueqiu, Zhong Guo Wan; additional 43 trade specific media in lifestyle, technology, and travel.

Media OutReach does not double count websites to inflate news postings

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