VinFast customers to access extensive network of 700,000 charging points across Europe

PARIS, FRANCE – Media OutReach Newswire - 15 May 2024 VinFast Auto (Nasdaq: VFS) today announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Bosch, one of the leading global suppliers of automotive technology and services, giving VinFast customers in Europe access to Bosch's extensive network of 700,000 charging points in 30 European countries and providing them with the freedom and convenience to travel across Europe with confidence.

VinFast customers can locate, charge, and pay seamlessly through the VinFast smartphone app.
VinFast customers can locate, charge, and pay seamlessly through the VinFast smartphone app.

Building on their two-year collaboration on charging services in North America, Bosch and VinFast have partnered to provide VinFast customers in Europe with the confidence to embark on journeys across the continent through easy access to a vast network of compatible charging stations.

Aligned with VinFast's principle of "placing customers at the forefront," this partnership highlights the company's dedication to supporting communities in Europe with their transition to sustainable transportation. It also marks a pivotal achievement in VinFast's efforts to expand in the European market.

This agreement ensures an accessible charging experience for VinFast customers, who can locate, charge, and pay seamlessly through the VinFast smartphone app or directly through the vehicle's integrated infotainment system. They also receive complete transparency over their charging sessions and history, allowing them to manage charging costs effectively.

As Bosch is continuously innovating its charging technology efforts, this partnership ensures VinFast customers are at the forefront of charging advancements and can receive a wide variety of options as they become available. They can also access a more comprehensive customer support system from both VinFast and Bosch for any charging-related issues.

Ms. Le Thi Thu Trang, VinFast Europe CEO, said: "This partnership with Bosch ensures our customers have access to a reliable and extensive network, fostering a smooth transition to electric mobility. We continue to prioritize our customer's needs, and this collaboration aligns perfectly with that philosophy."

Mr. Martin Knoss, Vice President Bosch ASEAN, stated: "The majority of electric vehicle drivers rely on public charging infrastructure. Recognizing this need, Bosch has continuously expanded its global network, increasing it by sixfold since 2020. This partnership enables us to accommodate VinFast customers throughout Europe, where we anticipate having a total of 850,000 charging ports by the end of 2024, while also supporting their global expansion endeavors."

Beyond established markets like the U.S., Canada, and Europe, VinFast is quickly expanding into burgeoning markets across Asia, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

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About VinFast
About VinFast
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15 May 2024

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