Impact Fusion International Inc. Announces the Commencement of a Research Project with Southern University Agricultural and Research Center (SUARC)

Napoleonville, Louisiana - Newsfile Corp. - May 13, 2024 - Impact Fusion International Inc. (OTC Pink: IFUS) The Company is pleased to announce that a research project with the Southern University Agricultural and Research Center (SUARC) has begun. Research representatives from SUARC will collect samples of SGP+™ and sugarcane bagasse from IFUS' Napoleonville, LA Operations on Thursday May 16, 2024. This effort occurred after the SUARC team visited the Napoleonville LA site several weeks ago. They then met with ranchers successfully applying SGP+™ to their herds to hear firsthand of success stories regarding the efficacy of SGP+™ to ranching operations. During the visit on May 10, 2024, the Company was introduced to the Graduate student who was assigned to the project.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been drafted between IFUS and SUARC. The first wave lab analysis for the Project "Improving Sugar Cane Bagasse Through Various Treatments to Create High-Quality Livestock Feed from Southern University Baton Rouge (SUBR)" will take about 3 months. At that point, a new MOU will be executed based on findings from this initial study.

During the visit, the SUBR Team commented on the validation that there was an immediate shift in the exothermic (heat releasing) transition of sugarcane bagasse to an endothermic (heat absorbing or cooling) of SGP+™. The transition was so immediate and so pronounced, that the team has engaged in the next level of testing of SGP+™ as compared to basic sugarcane bagasse.

As described by the SUARC Lead Scientist, if, in fact, IFUS has discovered how to breakdown the lignin of sugarcane bagasse in SGP+™, this is "The Holy Grail" of energy and nutrition and possibly a hay replacement. This could further substantiate observations and qualitative analysis being reported by ranchers and dairymen, who consistently report improved herd performance, lower costs, higher revenue generation for sale of cattle, Carbon-footprint and Green House Gas reduction, and more.

This initial round of studies will continue to target the depolymerization of lignin. Centuries of research have attempted to find a viable application of sugarcane bagasse and other materials high in lignin content. Lignin is considered to be the second most abundant biomass material on the planet. The implications of further understanding lignin degradation for application of beef and dairy herds are enormous (with implications for commercial application well beyond this significant, yet singular application)…all while reducing the Global Carbon Footprint. Considering the 1.5-Billion cows, bulls, calves, and steers, this could well become one of the most powerful Green-to-Gold Solutions discovered on planet Earth, thus far.

The research is expected to last 3 months and has already commenced. SUARC will publish their findings at the end of the initial study.

"We are excited about the opportunity afforded us by SUARC to conduct the research to potentially validate our grass roots findings as reported to us by our ranchers and farmers," stated Marc Walther, President and CEO.

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13 May 2024

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