Reflex Finance Unveils Rebranding: Dressed for Success

Roermond, Netherlands - Newsfile Corp. - May 9, 2022 - Reflex Finance, a hyper-deflationary token running on BNB Chain, is overhauling its website, logo, and all utilities as part of an ambitious rebranding process. While the project only recently launched in the cryptosphere (Q1 2022), it is developing at full speed, reinventing itself while adding new features and services.

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The crypto industry evolves so fast that most developers struggle to keep up with recent developments. New projects, especially, find it tricky to navigate within their first few months of existence. That's why many promising initiatives abandon ship or sink before their first anniversary.

In this competitive environment, the need for an initiator launchpad to help projects overcome their early development stages is imperative. And this is the void that Reflex Finance aims to fill with professional services and optimal support. Its goal is to provide emerging projects with all the information they need to launch successfully into the crypto space.

Here's a sneak preview of the project's ongoing efforts in rebranding its website and Launchpad!

A Change of Face for Reflex Finance

Reflex Finance launched in February 2022 on a liquidity-generating protocol with additional staking opportunities. Its hyper-deflationary reflection token, $REFLEX, supports staking and farming, and features a buyback/burning mechanism that decreases its supply while enhancing its long-term value.

Less than a month ago, Reflex Finance migrated from its initial version of the protocol (V1) to a new and improved V2. This process enabled it to bridge several networks and blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Now, the Reflex Finance team is rebranding its logo, website, and Launchpad to become more attractive to consumers and entrepreneurs. In a recent tweet, the team provided a sneak peek of the new website:

This ongoing overhaul should give Reflex Finance a sleek and cohesive look across its website and utilities. Furthermore, it should help newcomers in the crypto space navigate easier and benefit more from the Reflex Finance services.

In a recent statement, the Reflex Finance CEO Ryan Arriaga commented on the project's presence in the crypto community:

"Our website is our business card, our flagship, if you will. We wanted our professional presence to reflect the quality of our services. This means appealing to both the crypto community as well as entrepreneurs ready to forge their own path in DeFi. This means our current and future partner's image will also benefit from this rebrand which contributes to our core mission of pushing this space to mature."

The Reflex Finance Launchpad

While Reflex Finance is still in its early development stages, it is already attracting support from a growing community. The project's most appealing feature is, undoubtedly, its up-and-coming Launchpad, a utility-laden platform for new tokens and projects.

The Reflex Finance Launchpad is promising enough to attract projects even before its official alpha release. In fact, it successfully launched three tokens during its beta testing phase. Most importantly, two out of the three new coins reached their respective hard caps, a feat that few projects attain that soon.

As part of the rebranding process, the Reflex team pushes to add more services to the Launchpad. For example, it aims to enable projects to be streamlined to get more exposure. To this end, the platform will use additional marketing, DEX listings, and CEX partnership handoffs.

The Launchpad will feature tactical onboarding and provide a minimal risk of fraud or users with fake credentials. Its services comply with strict regulations, such as BaFin and FINMA, and have multi-platform functionality, including Android, iOS, and web.

Adding to its high-security standards, the platform will employ facial recognition that identifies people wearing 2D or 3D masks. Its KYC process will scour databases worldwide, including international intel. Additionally, it will provide support for automated document recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning comparison.

Lastly, Reflex Finance aims to have 100% trustworthy partnerships with its launching projects. To this end, it will not take any upfront payments until the project officially launches. Furthermore, the team has a referral system in place to reward those who push projects to its Launchpad.

Final Thoughts

Soon, the Launchpad's rebranding process should give Reflex Finance a competitive advantage over its peers. The project's chairman, Myles Tweedy, commented on this brand metamorphosis:

"At the end of the day, we are accountable to our holders. We want our utility to not only generate revenue for our project, but we want to be the best-looking Launchpad around."

The project's upcoming new look is only a step in the extensive Reflex Finance roadmap. The project has big plans for the future, including launching an NFT marketplace with a unique spin, and reaching a market cap of over $250 million.

For more information on Reflex Finance, please follow these links:

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