The wait is over - Full trailer of sci-fi film "URANUS2324" prompted global trending hashtag #URANUS2324OfficialTrailer moments after its release

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach Newswire - 21 June 2024 - VelCurve Studio, the production company behind Thailand's first space-themed film "URANUS2324", has created a new wave of excitement on social media after releasing its full trailer on the evening of June 16, 2024, on all online platforms.


The film is directed by Thanadol "James" Nualsuth and stars beloved actresses Sarocha "Freen" Chankimha and Rebecca "'Becky" Patricia Armstrong.

Less than an hour after its release, the trailer earned so much interest from fans in Thailand and overseas that the hashtag #URANUS2324OfficialTrailer quickly became popular trending in Thailand and more than 20 other countries. Many viewers agreed they could no longer wait to watch "URANUS2324" at the cinema when the film launches on July 4.

"URANUS2324" tells the story of Kath and Lin from a deep ocean and outer space several millions of light years away. In a multiverse setup involving life-threatening situations, Kath plunges into a deep ocean while Lin encounters a dangerous solar storm in outer space.

Fate brings the pair back together into the multiverse. However, the reunion does not guarantee happiness. There are still obstacles that keep them apart again. Let's find out at the cinema on July 4.

VelCurve founder and CEO Keetawat Chinnakote, who is the producer of "URANUS2324", says his studio sees an opportunity for the growth of Thai films abroad. Also, he is confident that URANUS2324 has the potential to appeal to international audiences. Film distributors from at least 27 countries have purchased the rights for public screening of the movie.

The producer pointed out that the film will take viewers into the deep sea and the far reaches of outer space. The main filming location was Takua Pa district in Thailand's southern Phang Nga province, which was chosen to highlight the beauty of the Thai sea.

VelCurve Studio has earned the trust of many leading companies in Thailand and other countries to produce movies, commercials, drama series, and music videos for them. Among a long list of works are "Finding the Rainbow" series (VIU Original), romantic drama "Latitude 6", "School Tales: The Series" (Netflix), thriller fantasy "Bangkok Vampire", and horror movie "After Shock".

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21 Jun 2024

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