HOYA BIT joins hands with world billiards champion Bingyi Ke, redefining the HODL spirit

TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 2 May 2023 - HOYA BIT announced a collaboration with world billiards champion Bingyi Ke, who will serve as the brand's sports ambassador, embodying his unique HODL spirit. Since its establishment, HOYA BIT has been committed to providing users with secure, reliable, and intuitive cryptocurrency trading services, enabling every novice user to enter the Web3.0 new financial market. As a world-renowned billiards champion, Bingyi Ke has won over 20 international pool championships in his career. In addition to his recognized skills and handsome appearance, he is also well-known for his high self-discipline and unwavering dedication to rigorous training.

In this collaboration with Bingyi Ke, HOYA BIT aims to convey the HODL spirit of unwavering self-belief to users, hoping to help the public rediscover cryptocurrency and bring about more stable investment opportunities.

HODL is an investment strategy that emphasizes holding cryptocurrencies for the long term. It encourages investors not to be swayed by market fluctuations and short-term risks but to persist in long-term investments, waiting for the market to gradually stabilize and grow. This investment strategy not only reduces risk for investors but also allows them to obtain more stable returns through cryptocurrencies.

As HOYA BIT's brand sports ambassador, Bingyi Ke perfectly embodies the HODL spirit. A world-class billiards player skilled in ball control and tactical analysis, he demonstrates exceptional resilience and stability during competitions. His relentless daily training, persistence in self-belief, and constant improvement in the face of challenges exemplify the determination that has made Bingyi Ke a consistent winner in major international tournaments.

HOYA BIT provides a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform, enabling users to complete a range of tasks from spot trading to financial management for cryptocurrencies, all in one place. Major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, can be easily traded on HOYA BIT. In line with the HODL spirit, HOYA BIT offers a daily interest-earning financial plan that features an intuitive interface and a low investment threshold, making it highly accessible for small investors. With as little as approximately 3,000 New Taiwan Dollars, users can easily develop an investment habit, holding cryptocurrencies long-term and receiving stable returns.

Through this collaboration, HOYA BIT hopes to convey the HODL spirit to the public. Bingyi Ke's unwavering belief and determination will inspire more people to courageously adhere to their convictions and incorporate them into their lives and investments. It is believed that, with the joint efforts of HOYA BIT and Ke Bingyi, the value of the HODL spirit will be recognized and passed on by even more people.

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02 May 2023

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