Nearly 100 million Views and counting – Global C-Pop Star Tia Lee’s animation videos continue to dazzle

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 30 November 2022 - All eyes continue to be on C-Pop star, actress, and fashion trendsetter Tia Lee Yu Fen’s captivating video animation series - “GOODBYE PRINCESS”. The first two episodes amassed an astounding 50 million views. Amidst increasing hype and video views nearing a record breaking 100 million, the third episode was released on 21 November to great excitement.

Picking up from the princess leaping out of a carriage, the third episode - “The Puppet” - starts with her landing on a stage to huge acclaim. Not all is as it seems, though. Behind the scenes, there are others trying to fit her into a stereotypical mould. The fairy godmother regularly appears from the side of the stage and gives the princess outfits that are increasingly tight. Despite her feeling vulnerable and being visibly downcast, the audience cheers the princess on. In the distance, the princess spots a sewing machine creating the dress of her dreams. She reaches out, but is turned into a wooden puppet on strings and ultimately falls into a terrifying abyss.

The poster for episode 3 of Tia Lee’s animation series contains many hidden messages, including:

1. The outfit the princess wore while singing on stage represents Tia’s style at the beginning of her entertainment career.
2. The audience’s reaction grows increasingly grotesque in response to the increasingly twisted images of Tia.
3. The endings of the three episodes so far - sinking to the bottom of the ocean, jumping out of the carriage and plunging into an abyss - reflect the hardships Tia has endured throughout her life and career.

What twists and turns lay ahead for the princess? More will be revealed in episode 4 of Tia Lee’s gripping “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series.

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30 Nov 2022

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