Strengthened EU-Taiwan Tie in Future Network Technologies

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 16 November 2022 - The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the European Union (EU) DG CONNECT co-hosted the "EU-Taiwan Joint 6G SNS Workshop" in Taipei on 15 November 2022 . The purpose is to share the results of the EU-Taiwan 5G collaboration projects, and to announce the advanced research and development plan of the 6G technology. The EU delegates shared the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) initiative under the "Horizon Europe" framework, on the plan from B5G to 6G, to facilitate joint discussions on the further 6G cooperation.

Dr. Chyou-Huey Chiou, the Director General of DoIT, MOEA, indicated that Taiwan possesses world-leading semiconductor and Information and Communication Technology clusters. Focused on advanced industrial technologies, Taiwan and the EU can complement each other's advantages to devote to innovation and R&D cooperation and enhance our industries' competitiveness further.

The EU delegate, Mr. Bernard Barani, Deputy Head of Unit at Future Connectivity Systems, DG CONNECT, acknowledged the quality of the EU partnership with Taiwan in the context of 5G developments. He indicated that continuing such a partnership between Taiwan and the EU should be discussed in the context of 6G developments, with the objective or reinforcing 6G global supply chain capabilities.

Dr. Colin Wilcock, Chairman of the SNS-JU and 6G-IA, in his remarks mentioned that Taiwan is widely recognized by the world in the fields of microelectronics and ICT, and Taiwan has a strong end-to-end industry chain and the ability to rapidly develop trial system. He believed the cooperation between the EU and Taiwan would accelerate the global development of the 6G SNS ecosystem.

Since 2016, the EU and Taiwan have invested a total of 18 million euros for the projects, 10 countries, more than 30 industrial and academia teams have joined the project focusing on applications in smart manufacturing and disaster prevention and relief with drones.

EU plans to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan next year, and MOEA will facilitate bilateral policy level cooperation agreement, including proposing the signing of an MoU between respective industrial associations in 2023. It is expected, both parties will be able to expand cooperation to other areas, as to prolong the strategic partnerships.

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16 Nov 2022

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