Bear market does not slow down PetaRush: a new win-to-earn GameFi, NFT sold out immediately

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 9 November 2022 - The multi-IPs blockchain game - PetaRush, 700 NFTs quickly sold out within three days and successfully broke through the bear market.

PetaRush launches win-to-earn Gamefi, and NFT sold out immediately
PetaRush launches win-to-earn Gamefi, and NFT sold out immediately
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PetaRush, the pioneer of the world's first multi-IP blockchain game, ran like clockwork. The game's NFTs were released for public sale on on November 5, and the first batch of 700 NFTs sold out within three days. Prior to the public sale, PetaRush initially released 300 NFT whitelist contingents, which sold out in less than a day. PetaRush also held a raffle in the Discord community and gave away iPad prizes to thank early holders. PetaRush continues to host exclusive events for NFT holders in the community, which were enthusiastically received by players and gave the bear market a rare boost.

Unlike the usual GameFi, PetaRush is a mobile animal racing game and has collaborated with PhantaBear and Demi-Human NFT, two blue-chip NFT projects, so that the IPs of the various NFT projects can be converted into 3D and battle with other IP characters in PetaRush. In the game, players transform into cyberpunk-style animal characters and immerse themselves in a sci-fi setting where they compete against their opponents on Mars.

PetaRush's gameplay is similar to the classic Mario Kart. Players do not have to determine the direction of the run, but only strategically use the skills to reduce physical consumption, increase running speed and disrupt opponents to win the championship

PetaRush NFT can be used in games and gives players rewards when they win games, also there is a cultivation mechanism in the game. After being cultivated, NFTs can get higher values in the game and increase the probability of winning. In addition, players can bring the cultivated NFTs to the marketplace and resell them to other players, so the NFTs they own can not only be used in the game but also increase in value. All of these innovative features have been successfully integrated into PetaRush NFT.

The PetaRush game offers players two ways to earn. The first is the "Winner Takes All", where players must win the championship in the race to receive the token reward; the second is the "Prize for All", where the bonus depends on ranking,the first place can get the most tokens, but the player who finishes last can also get some tokens as a consolation prize.

If players want to experience win-to-earn, players must hold approximately $65 worth of PetaRush NFTs and pay approximately $1 worth of PT tickets to qualify. Players must carefully match the skills, consider strategies, and even cultivate the stats of the game character NFT to outperform their opponents and win the championship bonus.

The core win-to-earn design makes it difficult for some GameFi players to destroy the game's tokenomic system; and players who seriously participate in the game can achieve a higher winning rate and receive rewards. PetaRush has reversed the negative Ponzi impression given by play-to-earn blockchain games and built a coreplay around the win-to-earn model.

Although PetaRush is a blockchain game, it is also free for all players. Any player can successfully participate in the game even if they do not have an NFT. However, without NFT, they cannot participate in the win-to-earn games. Both GameFi players and regular players can enjoy PetaRush through the various options in this game.

PetaRush recently completed its first closed beta phase, and the easily accessible mobile game mode has already delighted thousands of players worldwide. The second closed beta test, which will take place later this month, will open up the win-to-earn gameplay option to PetaRush NFT holders. The information of the second closed beta test will be released in PetaRush Discord.

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About PetaRush
About PetaRush
PetaRush is a racing blockchain game with fashionable 3D animal characters. Embodied the concept of blockchain gaming — "compatibility" through collaborations with other IPs. Moreover, it has the world's first BGM-backed gamefi NFTs! With the click of a button, immerse yourself in a world of diverse landscapes with your favorite customizable character and experience speed like never before!

PetaRush is available on Android and iOS devices. It is also a multiplayers game where each race can play with up to 8 players. Each Peta, aka your character, has different skill sets, players have to make good use of the energy obtained to perform skills and gain advantages during the races!





09 Nov 2022

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