Flame. Gorgeousness - 2019 Miaoli Pottery Festival

MIAOLI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 21 November 2019 - The 2019 Miaoli Pottery Festival is being held from November 2 to December 1. The exhibitions are divided into four themes, including "Contemporary Pottery Creation Exhibition" and "Collection of the Pottery Museum" at Miaoli Pottery Museum, and "Miaoli Pottery Competition Exhibition" and "Miaoli Pottery Workshop Exhibition" in No.1 Exhibition Hall and Shanyue Studio on the 2nd floor of Miaoli County Government Culture and Tourism Bureau.

Ceramic Museum Exhibition Area.


Event curator Mr. Chien-ching Chiu mentioned, the theme of this year's event is "Flame. Gorgeousness". Pottery artists take the soil from the earth, knead and mold with feelings and rational thinking. Beautiful works are created through shaping, glazing, and firing. "Flame" pays tribute to the fire that brings earthenware to life; "Gorgeousness" is the manifestation of the works that are full of life and texture. To pass down the century-old Miaoli pottery industry, and open the innovative and refreshing future of Miaoli pottery, over 10 internationally renowned pottery artists were invited to attend the exhibition, and to share their experiences with local artists in Miaoli. The distinguished guests include Ching-hsiang Wang (U.S.), Chien-shen Lee (Canada), Reynold Adinegara (Indonesia), Vladimir Durnev (Russia), Kosuke  Kaneshige (Japan), Jumpei Kaneshige (Japan), Shimizu keiichi (Japan), Tanimoto Yoh (Japan), Reiko Ogi (Japan), Yuri Fukuoka (Japan), as well as Ming-sung Li, Shen-chou Liu, Hsin-shan Chen, Bo-wen Yu, Ming-hsiang Hsu, Shui-I Wu, Chien-ching Chiu, Ping-lung Lien, Lung-te Wang and Chia-Heng Hsie from Taiwan. "International Pottery Symposium" was held in International Conference Hall of Jiasheng Memorial Library of Yu Da University of Science and Technology on November 7th and 8th. The seminars, village residency and other exchange activities held during the event can allow artists to carry out in-depth dialogues with the industry operators and academia. The public is also welcome to sign up and enter this amazing world of pottery.


Miaoli County Magistrate Yao-chang Hsu stated that Miaoli pottery is renowned internationally. The highlights of this year's festival are the two separate exhibition venues in Miaoli County. From 09:00 to 17:00 from November 2 to December 1 (closed on every Monday), both "Contemporary Pottery Creation Exhibition" and "Pottery Museum Collection Exhibition" are held on in Miaoli Pavilion; "Miaoli Pottery Training Workshop Exhibition" and "Miaoli Pottery Competition Exhibition" are held in the Miaoli County Government Culture and Tourism Bureau. The exhibitions are expected to allow visitors to view the development of Miaoli pottery art and diverse features of contemporary pottery art.


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21 Nov 2019

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