Agora: International Photographers Reveal What COVID-19 Lockdown Looks Like Around the World in #StayHome Global Photo Contest

  • The #StayHome photo contest was launched by free-to-use mobile app Agora as a way to inspire photographers to keep being creative from home and document the unprecedented situation in their countries.
  • As a result, 15,697 photos have been participating from all corners of the planet.
  • The 50 finalist photos are now submitted to the vote of Agora's global community to pick the winning image which will be awarded $1,000 on May 27th.

BARCELONA, SPAIN - EQS Newswire - 21 May 2020 - For the first time in history, the whole world has been united against a common enemy: fighting COVID-19 from home. Over the past months, more than 95 countries have imposed quarantine measures to protect their population from the global pandemic.


Agora launched the #StayHome photo competition on March 19th, inviting photographers to share their unique points of view on the situation and maintain their photography habits during isolation to inspire and encourage others to stay positive and move forward.


In total, 15,697 photos have been submitted to the contest. The power is now in the global community's hands to cast their votes and decide which photo should win #StayHome. The most-voted photo will be revealed through the Agora app on May 27th and will win the top prize of $1,000 USD.


Agora's CEO and Co-Founder Octavi Royo declared: "I'd like to thank the thousands of photographers who have participated in #StayHome to give their point of view on the confinement and to share a message of hope to Humanity through their photographs. While we are all enduring similar circumstances, these photos demonstrate that each home is different and each point of view is unique. Together we are stronger."


Agora is a 3.5 million users mobile app where photographers, whether amateur or professional, can participate in photo contests for a chance to win international recognition and cash prizes (from $1,000 to $25,000). The app's global system enables its users to vote and pick the best images from each competition, making the process more inclusive than other traditional photography contests.




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21 May 2020

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