Temus partners with IMDA and GovTech to Commemorate the Success of the 3rd Graduating Cohort of the Step IT Up Programme

21 Singaporean locals with no prior IT backgrounds will now be assigned to work on GovTech and other projects as Digital Business Analysts for a year to hone their professional competencies

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 10 May 2024 - Temus, a digital transformation services firm, commemorates the graduation of 21 trainees from its flagship ‘hire, place and train’ digital career conversion programme, Step IT Up.

Temus welcomed 21 career-converts at the firm’s 3rd Step IT Up Graduation event on 9 May 2024 with Guest of Honour, Mr Russell Tham, Chairman, IMDA
Temus welcomed 21 career-converts at the firm’s 3rd Step IT Up Graduation event on 9 May 2024 with Guest of Honour, Mr Russell Tham, Chairman, IMDA

The digital career conversion programme, Step IT Up Singapore, is a partnership between Temus and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), supported by Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), under the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) initiative. Step IT Up now boasts 59 career-converts from diverse educational backgrounds and industries. They are actively deployed in client projects under Temus’ remit, and their scope covers digital transformation and tech modernisation work in the public and private sectors across industries such as healthcare, finance, defence, environmental intelligence.

In efforts to transform and thrive in Singapore’s Digital Economy, organisations and industry players can leverage on Step IT Up to draw on a wider bench of non-technically trained individuals in Singapore for their tech talent and digitalisation plans.

Temus’ third cohort of Transformers, hailing from diverse non-IT backgrounds like financial planning, education and research, has successfully earned certifications in business analysis, scrum, and software testing. Reinforced by their previous industry experience, these mid-careerists are now better equipped with the necessary technical expertise to bring fresh perspectives to their new technology roles within government organisations and various multinational enterprises, as employees of Temus.

For the first time since the programme's inception in 2022, 17 (80%) of these graduates will be assigned to work on Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) projects as Digital Business Analysts for a year. The remaining graduates will continue to be full-time employees of Temus' Value Assurance Centre of Excellence.

KC Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Temus
said, “Step IT Up provides graduates with the skills required for critical digital transformation initiatives in Singapore. Together with companies who have the same shared values on talent development, we will work towards win-win outcomes for all, as we provide opportunities for our Transformers to flourish in their new tech roles, while new iterations of Step IT Up ensure we and our clients continue to have access to new tech talent pools.”

Srijay Ghosh, Founding Member and Chief Revenue Officer, Temus said, “The Government’s Forward Singapore report highlighted the necessity of going beyond formal education to equip Singaporeans for a lifelong journey of skill acquisition. Our Step IT Up initiative reflects this shift in the digital domain, emanating from Temus’ purpose of unlocking societal and economic value through digital transformation. We are incredibly proud that Temus’ Transformers are making significant impact across over 15 client engagements in various sectors, including education, healthcare, defence, insurance, and financial services. Our experience has taught us that motivation and learning agility are as essential as aptitude and educational credentials. The key to our success lies in our Step IT Up selection process, which meticulously assesses these attributes.”

Marcus Loh, Director and Head of Step IT Up, Temus said, "Considering that each Transformer resolved to ‘step it up’ without prior IT qualifications, experience, or backgrounds, and are now poised to excel in these technically complex roles, it's truly inspiring. It highlights the potential and ingenuity of the human spirit in Singapore, especially when the right industry, career opportunities and talent infrastructure are made possible with these private-public partnerships."

Temus aims to train up to 400 tech-converted graduates as it welcomes applications for the next iteration of Step IT Up. Its success in Singapore mirrors the program's global achievements in the United States, Israel, Mexico, and other countries across the world, where it was pioneered by Temus' partner UST. Over 1,100 individuals have successfully landed tech roles at prominent multinational corporations such as Walmart and Home Depot, where they have advanced their tech careers for over two years.

Quotes from Temus Step IT Up Graduates

Eileen Tan, 44, decided to join Step IT Up to explore a new career path after 5 years as a stay-at-home mother of three. "Participating in the Step IT Up programme was a transformative journey as I blended my passion for continuous learning with the opportunity to pivot to a dynamic new career. As a former programme specialist and then a stay-at-home mum, the structured training not only equipped me with essential digital skills, but also taught me the art of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. Being able to engage with fellow trainees and share diverse ideas and perspectives was particularly enriching. This experience has set me on a path to not only drive digital transformation, but to also empower other women in tech and I believe that embracing such change is a gateway to innovation and personal growth," she said.

Fabian Balachandran, 30, an Engineering polytechnic diploma graduate who had worked in the aviation sector, regarded Step IT Up as an effective launchpad into a tech career as he discovered his new passion as a digital business analyst after being involved in testing applications in his company. "Embarking on the Step IT Up programme marked a pivotal shift from the aviation sector to the thrilling world of technology. This transition, driven by my desire to enhance lives through tech, involved leaving behind a familiar environment and diving into the unknown with trust and optimism. Guided by trusted coaches, the programme's focus goes beyond just technical skills, but also on personal and soft skills development - which has been instrumental in my growth as a Business Analyst. From the electrifying first day surrounded by like-minded peers, to embracing challenges with grit and open-mindedness, this journey has reinforced my belief that with passion and the right support, transforming lives through technology is not just a dream, but a reachable goal,” he said.

Sophie Lew, 27, decided to make a career switch into technology after working as a physiotherapist at an acute tertiary public hospital for over 3 years. "Joining the Step It Up programme was a decisive step in me transitioning from a physiotherapist to the dynamic world of IT. The intensive training and mentorship, along with the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with industry leaders, have been instrumental in reshaping my professional outlook. Facing both personal and professional challenges head-on, I've embraced the necessity of continuous self-reflection and adaptation. What was particularly memorable were the soft skills training sessions, where impromptu speeches pushed me out of my comfort zone and fostered my growth beyond just technical skills. This journey was not just about building a career in IT, it was also about continuously evolving, learning, and contributing in ways I had never imagined," she said.

For more information about Step IT Up, please visit https://stepitup.temus.com/

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About Temus
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About Step IT Up
is an accelerated 'place and train' programme, supported by Infocomm Media Development Authority's (IMDA) TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) initiative, aimed at growing digital talents for Singapore. The programme was launched in August 2022 and will benefit 400 people from non-tech backgrounds over the next three years. has been successfully conducted across multiple countries since its inception 8 years ago by Temus' strategic partner, UST. Beyond Singapore, the programme has run in the United States, Mexico, Poland, Australia, Costa Rica, and Israel. For more information, please visit:.





10 May 2024

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