Steigen Singapore Unveils Solar Evolution Series (Gen 2) to Revolutionise Laundry Drying

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 November 2023 - Steigen Singapore is proud to introduce the improved Solar Evo (Gen 2) automated laundry system series. Bid farewell to musty laundry odours, dust mites, and the hassle of conventional drying – Steigen has the solution for homeowners seeking a smarter way to keep their clothes fresh and dry.

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The Evolution of Laundry Drying

Traditional laundry drying methods require meticulous planning as any unforeseen rain could quickly disrupt plans. Moreover, lifting laundry to hang on bamboo poles or using a manual pulley system can be physically demanding and pose safety risks. Steigen's automated laundry systems change this narrative, offering a reliable and efficient solution to the age-old problem of weather dependence and eliminating the need for heavy lifting in laundry drying.

Their newly trademarked design joins the iconic system across 3 different models – Solar Pro, Solar Sonic and Solar Mini¹ – featuring 4 full-sized BLDC fan motors, larger fan blades, enhanced Sol lon™ on Solar Pro, and more. These latest additions make the arduous task of laundry drying easy, fuss-free, and adaptable to today's fast-paced lifestyle.

Three Models, One Goal

Built with 40%² wider vents, an increase in air volume will exit the system to dry laundry more thoroughly. Additionally, with the four full-sized BLDC fan motors, the wind speed accelerates to 1.6 times³ its regular pace, ensuring that clothes dry in no time. The combination of these enhancements results in a remarkable 110%⁴ increase in air volume coverage (CFM) and a 50%⁵ extension in air length.

Exclusive to Steigen Solar Pro, the signature Sol lon™ gets an upgrade⁶, offering a 2-in-1 functionality. This feature not only combats musty odours but also prevents the breeding and feeding cycles of dust mites on laundry. Just like its predecessor, the inbuilt Ioniser activates when any drying mode is enabled.

In the Gen 2 series, Steigen has paid attention to amplifying user experience by relocating the RGB LED indicator. Placed directly above the 3-tone LED light, this new indicator offers a more prominent placement, ensuring users have a clear understanding of the system's status.

Steigen’s automated laundry systems have a singular purpose – to ensure clothes dry swiftly and emerge soft and fresh. The Solar Pro, Solar Sonic and Solar Mini models are designed to seamlessly fit into any household, without compromising on laundry drying performance.

Where Durability and Aesthetics Meet

Beyond constantly staying at the forefront of research and development, Steigen also understands the importance of balancing both durability and aesthetics. This ensures that its products are not just functional but also a pleasure to have at home.

One of the core principles at Steigen is the commitment to producing laundry solutions that truly last. This is exemplified by its use of stainless steel, a material renowned for its corrosion resistance, in critical components of its automated laundry systems. The brand goes the extra mile by applying a nano coating which helps maintain the systems’ pristine appearance in the long run.

In addition to durability, Steigen recognises that aesthetics play a vital role in the consumer experience. Functional products do not have to be ugly, which is why the brand has strived to make laundry systems that not only perform exceptionally but also look the part. Homeowners can pick from a range of colours that are pleasing to the eye, giving them the freedom to integrate their laundry systems seamlessly into their home decor.

“Steigen is not just a brand; it is a commitment to redefining the way you experience laundry. We believe in creating products that not only meet your functional needs but also add elegance to your home. It is all about making life simpler, safer, and more beautiful.” shared Mandy Ong, Digital Marketing Manager of Steigen Singapore.

Find out more about the Solar Evolution Series (Gen 2) here.

Research was done on spin-dried cotton t-shirts in normal weather. Results may vary according to fabric material and weather conditions.

¹ Colours offered for each model are as follows:
Steigen Solar Pro: Available in White, Blush (coming soon), Silver and Eclipse only.
Steigen Solar Sonic: Available in White and Silver only.
Steigen Solar Mini: Available in White only.

² Previous Solar Evo Series (Gen 1) has a total blower panel area of 840 cm². Solar Evo Series (Gen 2) has a total blower panel area of 1176 cm².

³ Previous Solar Evo Series (Gen 1) has a wind speed of 6.5m/s. Solar Evo Series (Gen 2) has a wind speed of 7m/s.

⁴ Previous Solar Evo Series (Gen 1) has an air volume coverage of 84 000 cm³. Solar Evo Series (Gen 2) has an air volume coverage of 176 400 cm³.

⁵ Previous Solar Evo Series (Gen 1) has an air length of 100 cm. Solar Evo Series (Gen 2) has an air length of 150 cm.

⁶ Previous Solar Evo Series (Gen 1) Sol lon™ has a single functionality of removing odour-causing bacteria only. The dust mite repeller was another built-in feature within the system and will activate when any drying modes are enabled.

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Steigen Singapore
Steigen Singapore
As one of the leading automated laundry drying system providers in Singapore, Steigen offers beautifully engineered products and solutions that improve the lives of consumers. The brand has been the preferred choice of over 10,000 homeowners since 2011, thanks to cutting-edge smart technologies such as that transform the laborious task of laundry drying into a seamless experience.

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10 Nov 2023

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