ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the Leading Global Market Share Holder, Partners with the 147th WKC Dog Show to Expand Its Brand Presence in Pet Scenarios

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 5 May 2023 - ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the leading service robotics brand with the highest comprehensive market share ranking[1] in the global core robotic vacuum cleaner markets,announces that it will become the Official Robotics Brand of the 147th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (hereinafter referred to as "WKC Dog Show"), and sponsor of the WKC's Best at Home Contest. The WKC Dog Show upholds a high entry standard, a meticulously planned schedule, and an authoritative judging system. Established in 1877, this over-a-century old event focuses not only on the protection of pet dogs, but also the welfare of families with pets. These values are in line with the brand vision of EVOVACS ROBOTICS.

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of families with pets around the world. The global rate of pet ownership is estimated to be approximately 33%, with dogs representing the most widely owned house pet. This has led to a subsequent increase in associated home cleaning needs. High-end and intelligent products will become the choice of more and more pet families.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS recognizes families with pets as a key demographic for their products and has always been committed to bringing a hands-free, intelligent, and pet-friendly cleaning experience that addresses the user pain points for pet owners.

In daily cleaning, pet fur wafts around and naturally carry oil, which tends to tangle. The Newest DEEBOT, features a strong suction power, minimizes tangling and jamming to effectively adsorb pet fur, dander, and dust. Meanwhile, pets always move around in the home, which puts forward high requirements for the navigation and obstacle avoidance ability of intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners. The DEEBOT has equipped with industry-leading AIVI intelligent identification technology and dToF navigation technology, which can achieve precise navigation and accurately distinguish between pets, obstacles, and other types of rubbish, thus truly enabling barrier-free and targeted cleaning.

While ensuring the cleaning effect, ECOVACS also focuses on creating a convenient and efficient user experience. DEEBOT's All-in-one OMNI Station features Auto-Empty function, which could provide pet families with a comprehensive suite of hands-free cleaning solutions and collect pet fur more effectively. Further to this, ECOVACS' original YIKO Voice Assistant and ECOVACS HOME App enables pet owners to customize pet cleaning modes, identify key cleaning areas such as pet diet tools, housing, and other areas where pets frequently move around in the APP map as well as quickly waking up DEEBOT via "OK YIKO" for targeted cleaning.

Since its establishment 25 years ago, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has been expanding its products and categories, and striving to meet the diverse needs of consumers with its industry-leading technologies. The sponsorship of WKC Dog Show marks the brand's further penetration in the segment of families with pets and demonstrates its commitment to serving more families with pets around the globe. In the future, ECOVACS will continue to lead the industry in the development of the service robot category, step into more scenarios, and truly accomplish its vision of "Robotics for All".

[1] According to comprehensive data from GfK, CMM, NPD, and other sources, ECOVACS ROBOTICS ranked first in the global core robotic vacuum cleaner markets in January and February 2023. The core markets include China, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, and South Korea.


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05 May 2023

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