IB Super Introduces Brand New Virtual Tools To Boost Online Learning

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 21 October 2022 - IB Super is an established IB tuition centre that has launched new virtual tools to be incorporated into its syllabus. After investing months of research into students' needs, learning objectives and user interface experience, they developed a Questionbank platform with interactive video quizzes for its learning management profile. The aim is to enhance learners' online learning experience, making it easier for them to access IB Super's proprietary educational materials and make online learning more productive.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world shifted online to accommodate various restrictions, and education was no exception. Keeping this in mind, IB Super adapted and changed with the times, adopting brand-new EdTech tools to facilitate virtual learning. One such tool was IB Super's Questionbank platform, which consists of a large and growing curation of customised content tailored to International Baccalaureate and Integrated Programmes students. Using this platform, students can recall complicated concepts and content relevant to their upcoming examinations. In the past, many students tended to refrain from using questionbanks as keying in their Maths answers online can be difficult and repetitive. IB Super fully understands this pain point and designed a system where students can upload answers written using either electronic or traditional pens. The Questionbank is accessible 24 hours a day, catering to IB Super's overseas students such as those in China or Europe and Singaporean students temporarily overseas. Students' past work is stored, allowing them to go back and review past mistakes. Parents are also able to track their children's performances over time on the platform.

The second Ed-Tech tool IB Super has adopted is interactive online video quizzes. Unlike regular learning videos, students using this tool are able to have a more interactive experience with the videos. For instance, they can pause in the middle of a video to pose and answer questions - which reinforces learning and keeps the learning journey fun and interesting.

With the abundance of Questionbanks available online, IB Super sets itself apart by having thoroughly tested more than 15 platforms from all over the globe, including places like the US, India, and Europe. Plentiful resources were allotted to looking for the optimal platform for Singaporean IB and IP students. An earlier platform adopted, although boasting extensive features, suffered from maintenance and continuity issues. Taking into account user feedback, the current Questionbank is much more accessible, convenient and less intimidating. This is in keeping with IB Super's belief that great content must be delivered in a fun and meaningful manner, so that learning can be productive.

Even with these new innovations, IB Super is not resting on its laurels. The tuition centre is now looking to expand its virtual learning toolkit with artificial intelligence enabled marking. The aims are to allow students to get feedback more quickly, and for tutors to have more time to teach or go over the questions with their students.IB Super firmly believes in helping its students reach their fullest potential. This is achieved through having a comprehensive syllabus and dedicated teachers that guide their students closely. Now, in addition to a broad range of tuition programmes which include H2 Math tuition, IP Math tuition, IB Economics tuition, and IB Math tuition, IB Super is broadening its horizons with online tutoring and virtual tools like its Questionbank platform and interactive video quizzes - making learning more interesting and enjoyable.

For more information on IB Super and its services, visit: https://www.ibsuper.com.sg/.

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21 Oct 2022

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