Pioneering Volumetric Cinematography For The World’s First NFT Immersive Art Film - SHIP Produced by Art Tokyo Global Pte Ltd

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 21 September 2022 - Art Tokyo Global ("ATG"), a Singapore company, announced the completion of SHIP – the world's first immersive NFT art film. Using pioneering cinematography techniques, the film sets a new milestone for the movie industry, enabling viewers to enjoy the beautiful and realistic scenes in detail and bringing new experiences for the movie-goers.

Featuring 221 NFT artworks across 14 scenes, SHIP showcases the work of over 80 emerging and established Asian artists for over 70 minutes. The film utilizes advanced cinematography techniques to capture a range of scenes in detail, from the dancers' fluid movements to the grisly detail of epic choreographed fight scenes. One of the novel techniques employed by the director is to use volumetric photography to reconstruct 3D spaces from images taken by a 2D camera. The work is shot with over 150 high-performance cameras, providing a fully-explorable 3D space, which can record any desired position or angle – something impossibly difficult to achieve with traditional 2D filming methods. The approach used is similar to the one used in industries such as sporting broadcasts and is developed as a completely new content creation method. This approach is expected to be applied in various entertainment fields by freeing it from the limitations of conventional video production.

The use of volumetric photography in the SHIP film features a strong affinity between virtual rooms and NFT art, successfully constructing an environment where real actors and digital art can inhabit the same space. The artwork is freed from real-world constraints such as size and scale in a virtual environment. Actors are not bound to the confines of sets or stages and are given the freedom to experiment with new modes of physical expression. This allows for making surreal and awe-inspiring scenes incorporating digital artefacts and performance. During the film's production, the director introduced a highly flexible revolutionary workflow, which allowed the film to break away from traditional methods of film production. This approach removes the need for storyboard, pre-visualization, and all other design aspects to be completed before production begins, thus allowing filmmakers greater freedom and creativity.

Mr. Naohiko KISHI, Chairman and Executive Producer of ATG, proudly commented on the novel approach to cinematography and technology employed in creating the film. He said, "They are not only compatible with volumetric photography and NFT artworks as digital technologies, but are also indispensable next-generation technologies in the field of art itself. This is essential as the film requires free and vigorous new expressions."

The exclusive global premiere for SHIP has been scheduled for late November 2022 in Singapore, and the worldwide public release is expected in early 2023 in cinemas and across streaming platforms.

Mr. Kishi summarized the history of movie development," Initially, the movie started in only black and white, the sound was added in soon after, followed by colours. We can now enjoy movies in 3D, IMAX, and massive computer graphics, thanks to advanced technology in recent decades. Now, we have combined the latest AR technology, embedded NFT technology within to increase interaction with the audience, and featured sophisticated artworks into one movie, SHIP. This is groundbreaking and the beginning of a new era in the film industry. So, come aboard and join us on this fantastic journey -SHIP!"

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21 Sep 2022

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