NIPSEA Group Celebrates 60th Anniversary By Paving The Way For Paint And Coatings Industry Through Innovation And Customer Centric Solutions

NIPSEA Group commemorates Diamond Jubilee by pushing boundaries to continuously deliver sustainable solutions to customers

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 April 2022 - Standing firm on the importance of purposeful innovation, Asia's leading paint and coatings solutions company, NIPSEA Group has been maximising value for customers since 1962. As NIPSEA Group celebrates its 60th anniversary, the organisation has strengthened its position in the paint and coatings industry, by offering innovative solutions across multiple sectors such as construction, marine and automobile sectors. Serving customers across 22 geographical locations, NIPSEA Group believes in building innovative, customer-centric, and sustainable solutions to respond to industry demands.

"As Asia Pacific's leading paint and coatings manufacturer, we need to constantly challenge the norm and ourselves for the benefit of our customers. In the past 60 years, we have been driving forward with innovation, while steadily expanding our portfolio beyond paint and coatings. We will persevere in this quest and continue to focus on the growing markets of Asia while lending support to Nippon Paint Group's partner companies. On behalf of NIPSEA Group, I thank all everyone, especially our staff, our customers, our business partners and the communities we operate in. We look to even more value creating collaborations with everyone for many more years to come," said Wee Siew Kim, Group Chief Executive Officer, NIPSEA Group and Co President, Nippon Paint Holdings Group

NIPSEA Group has been enriching the lives of its communities and customers through the power of science and imagination, making the Group what it is today and contributing to its shareholder value. The paint and coatings industry is rapidly evolving but the Group's vision to build a sustainable future through customer-centric growth and promise to strengthen its innovation with heart and people at their core, allows the Group to be resilient while reimagining a better tomorrow.


Driving Sustainable Growth Through Innovative Solutions

Ensuring consistent sustainable growth in the time to come, the organisation has been focusing on driving innovative solutions across five main areas namely customers, environment, people & community, organisational health and technical capability. Along with the areas, NIPSEA Group has been focusing on three enablers across its supply chain. This includes digital transformation, talent development and innovation and technology.

Its first enabler of digital transformation has allowed NIPSEA Group to digitise its practices to address the needs of changing consumer habits and challenges to conventional business posed during the pandemic. This includes digitising the customer experience through end-to-end solutions with e-commerce platforms and mobile applications to instil trust in customers through the whole purchasing process. This is NIPSEA Group's a testament of how it takes initiatives to meet the needs of customers despite the circumstances. Meanwhile, its second enabler of talent and people saw 26,277 employees upskilling themselves through the organisation's 341,448 training hours in 2020 alone.

The paint and coatings industry is one with strong competition and NIPSEA Group's third enabler of innovation and technology allows the organisation to be among the top players in the segments we play in. Dr. Jiang Hong, Chief Technology Officer of NIPSEA Group believes that the industry is one that will continue to evolve and the pandemic is a clear indicator of the importance of adapting to evolving circumstances and planning ahead. He also added that NIPSEA Group's developments go to show the agility and capability of the organisation to be on its transformation journey, to reach its goal of growing its market presence and impact.

Responding to the impact of COVID-19, NIPSEA Group's ability to innovate to address the situation at hand provided its customers with health and protection through its anti-viral and anti-bacterial paint and coatings solutions. Through this, NIPSEA Group was able to put the health of its customers first as the paints are formulated with Silver Ion Technology and proven to be 99.9% effective against COVID-19.

Being the paint expert in the industry, the Group takes the lead in colour leadership by providing customers with the best experience, when connecting with Nippon Paint's colours. Its customer-focused colour leadership has resulted in their customers obtaining seamless and quality experiences. This includes support through customer-centric solutions such as professional colour scheme services, personalized colour advice for home owners, curation of inspirational colour palettes and trends through its Trend Beyond Colours concept. These have encouraged confident decision-making when making a purchase.

NIPSEA Group also provides its retailer businesses with tinting capabilities, ensuring comprehensive yet conducive retail environments. Equipped with a wide network of 24,700 units of Colour Creations™ tinting machines, its business-friendly colour and product innovations do not disrupt their retailers' business and are ever-ready to serve all customers across the geographical locations, wherever, whenever.

The Group has been expanding their business and technology expertise into the beyond paint segment to include substrate products, auxiliary materials, and energy-saving insulation products. For example, NIPSEA Group's Selleys and V-Tech brands provide customers with premium adhesives, lubricants and sealant products like Selleys Supa Glue, RP7 and No More Gaps, for their homes and workspace. Meanwhile, Waltron, a range of state-of-the-art construction solution, protects homes from waterproofing issues, cracks on walls & ceilings, internal dampness, fungi, moulds, amongst others.

As strong believers of continuous improvement, the Group also carries out annual customer service satisfaction surveys to ensure needs of customers are continuously being met, helping them provide quality and excellent products and services.

Impact of NIPSEA Group's Markets to its Communities

Part of NIPSEA Group's culture is to actively focus on the communities it is present in by improving their quality of lives. Initiatives that have been carried out include AYDA Awards, a platform for young architectural and interior designers to showcase their talents. This initiative brings them through a holistic journey where they are nurtured to design responsibly and sustainably to change the world for the better. To date, AYDA Awards is present in 17 countries, and has reached out to more than 1,200 education institutions and engaged with more than 420,000 young designers.

Another noteworthy community initiative is Nippon Paint China's Colour Way of Love campaign. Inspiring students to notice the beauty in their surroundings, the campaign saw rural schools being painted with attractive murals thus, improving the learning environment of students. Colour Way of Love also eased the burdens of students in 361 primary schools by providing them with access to books and bags.

Empowering women to improve their livelihoods to be able to care for their families, Nippon Paint India's nShakti and Nippon Paint Pakistan's Nippon-Nisa programs trained women with painting skills. Through this campaign, participating women were able to develop career opportunities by being connected to dealers, contractors and architects, and earn a living for their themselves and their families.

With a foresight to build a sustainable organisation that delivers innovative solutions for its customers, over the last six decades, NIPSEA Group has committed more than USD 11million to impact the lives of 4.6million people, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives across its key markets. This is a clear reflection to growth it has undergone to improve the quality of life in markets they operate in, while being a key market player in the paint and coating industry, Inspired by You.

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About NIPSEA Group (Subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holdings Co.)
About NIPSEA Group (Subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holdings Co.)
NIPSEA Group is a global leader, providing innovative solutions in the paint and coatings industry. Headquartered in Singapore, with 134 NIPSEA companies spread throughout 22 geographical locations, the group is Asia Pacific’s No. 1 paint and coatings manufacturer in both production and sales revenue. After more than 60 years of growth, NIPSEA Group has over 26,000 employees with 94 manufacturing facilities and operations, efficiently serving all aspects of the business, from production to customer satisfaction.

With a focus on maximizing value to our customers, we push boundaries to deliver high quality solutions that work better for all our partners, tradesmen, and homeowners. The NIPSEA Group’s arsenal of solutions for the industry covers Architectural, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Coatings, as well as a range of products beyond the world of paint and coatings. We have an unyielding drive to focus on customers, providing innovation that works best for all our stakeholders.

Nippon Paint – We are Inspired by You.

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07 Apr 2022

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