HABITAP ONE, Asia’s First Subscription-Based, Fully Integrated Smart living Management System Sees High Demand For Solution

  • Habitap ONE in high demand with its low setup fee and a low monthly fee
  • Successfully secured 4 residential condominium in Singapore alone and up to 2000 Habitap ONE users in the commercial space within 3 months of its launch
  • Aims to revolutionise the way individuals access homes and offices through its subscription-based model

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 17 December 2021 - Habitap ONE, Asia's first subscription-based access management system has seen a steady demand for its solution, since launching in September 2021. Reaching a key milestone in just three months of conceptualisation, Habitap ONE has secured projects, with some of the industry's leading organisations, including CGS-CIMB. It has also confirmed its involvement in KeppelLand's latest project, The Reef at King's Dock, successfully securing 4 residential condominiums in total since its inception. Aimed at revolutionising the way individuals access homes and offices with its intuitive user interface, the cloud-driven platform, which has a minimal setup cost and a low monthly fee, has also captured the attention more than 2000 Habitap ONE users in the commercial space.

Habitap ONE has empowered commercial businesses and residential properties to incorporate smart living management solutions, with an affordable monthly fee, eliminating what was once a complex installation with a hefty price tag. These businesses now also have the option of becoming more tech-savvy without the hassle of maintaining the systems themselves.  For example, the solution will mean that physical access cards and tokens for access to offices and homes are no longer required, while still maintaining the same level of security. Guest registration will also be digitally managed through an app, which will significantly reduce the waiting time at office building security counters or receptions. 

Franklin Tang, founder of Habitap said, "The past two months have been an absolute success, with more commercial business and residential projects coming on board. Our aim of introducing Habitap ONE into the market, was to remove the barriers of entry for businesses and residential projects, if they were considering investing in a smart management solution. Before going to market with this innovative solution and disruptive business model, we understood the constraints of high installation costs and maintenance of such smart solutions and decided to eliminate and challenge the industry norm."

"We're very excited to have businesses like CGS-CIMB on board alongside our recent residential projects and we look forward to working with many more partners to incorporate our simple and fuss-free solution," he added.

Malcom Koo, Deputy CEO of CGS-CIMB Singapore said, "With the introduction of Habitap ONE, we're very pleased to smoothly and seamlessly migrate our staff management ecosystem to a single mobile application. CGS-CIMB now has the convenience of having an integrated app that encompasses the staff QR business card, HID mobile access and facial recognition for door access control and electronic staff locker access. The app also enhances our visitor experience by allowing staff to pre issue visitor access through the lobby turnstiles and allows visitor to easily reach our staff through the visitor web intercom upon arriving at our office. We are also able to move away from utilising physical access cards for better security management and governance while maintaining the robust security that is required for a regulated institution like CGS-CIMB."


"Habitap ONE has definitely provided a unified and powerful solution that meets the increasing demand for security access systems in both homes and offices at an efficient price which also allows you to pay as you use," he continued.


 At present, Habitap ONE caters to both Home and Office settings with complimentary features to simplify and streamline access management. For more information on Habitap ONE, please visit their website at https://habitap.one/index.html


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About Habitap
About Habitap

Habitap is Asia's first fully integrated smart living management system, a Super App that seamlessly combines smart controls, community management and lifestyle offerings into a single platform. 

Harnessing the latest technologies in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and more, Habitap integrates live, work, and play functions in a single app and even across different properties, to allow users to experience greater convenience and unparalleled connectivity and control. Habitap continues to pioneer new forms of smart living solutions for homeowners, offices and communities.

In 2021, Habitap launched Habitap ONE, the first-ever subscription-based access management solution which aims to revolutionise the way people access homes and offices, making it truly seamless with minimal set-up and low cost of entry for all.








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