Array Go Has Launched: ArrayFi’s Answer to AI in Blockchain

VICTORIA, MAHE, SEYCHELLES - Media OutReach - 9 March 2023 - Array Go, the fully automated algorithmic intelligence, has launched and geared up for the next stage of digital evolution. It is poised to become the talking point for many avid investors during the next bullish market and long after.

Daniel Kahneman and Prof. Amos Tversky proposed a well-known behavioral economic theory, which states that individuals have different risk attitudes and psychological tolerances based on different reference points. The Array protocol is designed based on this theory.

If Web2 industries feel AI's power, imagine how Web3 pioneers are doing.

Array Go is an AI-powered algorithm with all the benefits of the bounding curve, such as stability and risk mitigation. It is a full AI that is not under the control of any human or institution. Array Go drives itself based on 100% market action. In order to ensure the value of the token remains stable and predictable for investors and traders indefinitely, a traditional bonding curve is implemented manually to a smart contract that governs the issuance and trading of $ARA.

Array Go can:
  1. Learn from the historical market data.
  2. Observe the up-to-date market behaviors.
  3. Predict the future market trends.

The key function of Array Go is to reduce the risks associated with this technology. As market trends rise, the AI system will feed more $ARA to the market (minting) in order to balance supply and demand - or remove $ARA (burn) based on the same principle. This reduces the risk of greater price fluctuations.

About $ARA and $USDR. The gold standard operates on a 4:1 relationship, allowing $ARA holders to mint $USDR tokens on the chain themselves. Users can also stake $ARA to obtain $USDR tokens, which serve as the only circulation medium for the DEGA(Decentralized Gaming Alliance) application platform.

Array is focused on building a software of the future, a bridge to a refined platform with endless potential. Array believes that wealth creation should be smooth, serene and endless. Array wants to simplify the investment and reward process to allow users to be more creative and help with their journey of reaching their investing potential.

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09 Mar 2023

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