RUSAL approves the 2035 Sustainability Strategy

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIA - Media OutReach - 15 May 2023 - The Board of RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, approved the 2035 Sustainable Development Strategy.

The Strategy claims an ambitious goal to make sustainability affordable across the aluminium value chain. By driving the so-called decoupling effect, the company aims at creating a new class of assets in the non-ferrous metals sector, future fit by meeting the low-carbon and circular economy demands (ready to go carbon neutral by 2050 and reasonably well balanced between primary and secondary material resources), based on an adaptive, fair, secure and inclusive value chain, and on advanced technological solutions.

Evgenii Nikitin, the General Director of RUSAL, outlines the purpose of this long-term strategic plan as follows: "RUSAL will lead by example in proposing such a transformation of the aluminium sector as the backbone of the future economy that will ensure access to our sustainable products for most of today's and tomorrow's consumers". The purpose is to be delivered via 12 priority ESG-transformation projects well-balanced to ensure sustainable sourcing base and create a long-term competitive advantage:

  • 6 projects in the area of environmental sustainability and transition to greener business and sustainable products (Low Carbon Aluminium, Air Quality Normalcy, Circularity of Post-Production and Post-Consumer Materials, Circular Water in Key Production Processes, Safe Operation of Red Mud Disposal Sites and Other Waste Disposal Sites, and Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services);
  • 3 projects in the area of social sustainability and bringing up the workplace and living standards in the cities where the company operates (Safe Workplace, Future Workplace, and Sustainable Communities);
  • 3 projects in the area of economic sustainability and corporate governance supporting sustainable sourcing of raw materials, finished goods and services (Data-Driven Decisions behind Sustainability, ESG Maturity Assessment of Suppliers, and Recognition of ESG Leadership in Top Ratings).

A special place in the strategy is dedicated to the corporate governance system behind the ESG transformation, mandate and accountabilities of the Board and Executive Team, business divisions and departments as part of interaction with a special coordination center – project office established inside the Sustainability Directorate. All the initiatives, drafts of the corporate codes and policies, as well as functional strategies being adopted in order to ensure the priority projects delivery, are reviewed with the Public Expert Council on Sustainability established in the end of 2022 and composed of the NGO, academia community and opinion leaders of the national level, as well as the level of the cities and territories where RUSAL operates.

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RUSAL () is a leader in the global aluminium industry and a leading low-carbon aluminium producer. In 2022, the Company accounted for 5.6% of the global aluminium production and 4.5% of alumina. RUSAL operates in 20 countries on 5 continents. Ordinary shares of RUSAL are traded on the Hong Kong Exchange (stock code 486). Ordinary shares of RUSAL are traded on the Moscow Exchange (stock code RUAL).






15 May 2023

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