Shop Local, Look Stylish: #ShopeeHaul Supports Malaysian SMEs in Modest Fashion

Curated Collection Offers Three Trendy Styles for RM1-RM40

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 31 May 2024 - Shopee’s modest fashion capsule wardrobe, #ShopeeHaul GayaLitLit, is designed to empower young Malaysian women to create stylish and modest looks. Focusing on versatility and flattering silhouettes, the collection offers a variety of pieces that can be combined to achieve three key styles: ‘Sis Ranggi’, ‘Everyday Cantik’, and ‘Anggun Bergaya’. The versatile pieces allow for confident and affordable styling, all while supporting local businesses.

Three #ShopeeHaul GayaLitLit looks: Sis Ranggi, Everyday Cantik, and Anggun Bergaya
Three #ShopeeHaul GayaLitLit looks: Sis Ranggi, Everyday Cantik, and Anggun Bergaya

Designed to flatter all body types and skin tones, this inclusive collection includes staple outfits that can be transformed into three trendy looks, curated by Shopee's in-house stylists. This guide showcases how women can express their personality with grace and confidence.

“Shopee empowers young Malaysian women to express their individuality and build confidence through fashion. Our new #ShopeeHaul GayaLitLit collection goes beyond simply offering clothes -- It provides a versatile toolkit of mix-and-match pieces to help them create their signature styles. This inclusive collection offers versatility, allowing Malaysians to mix and match pieces to achieve their desired look. We hope that this inclusive style guide will foster creativity for women to embrace individuality while supporting local fashion businesses,” stated Ming Kit Tan, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia.

Sis Ranggi: Edgy and Modern

The ‘Sis Ranggi’ look is designed for the woman who wants to incorporate elements of both femininity and contemporary style.

An edgy, patterned turban-style tudung from Zoe Arissa creates a bold statement. To balance this, a flowy skirt from KM Fashion Center adds a touch of elegance while maintaining modesty. Layering a casual, oversized tee from ZEKE Store underneath an open jacket creates a relaxed and contemporary vibe. A chain necklace from M2 Dream adds a touch of femininity to this rock and roll look.

Personalise this look further by layering a statement jacket over the outfit. Have fun with boots or sneakers by pairing fun socks with the same colours or prints as your tudung.

Everyday Cantik: Effortless Chic

The ‘Everyday Cantik’ look caters to the busy woman who desires a sweet, polished yet comfortable outfit for everyday wear.

An oversized button-up shirt paired with pants from KM Fashion Center is the foundation of this style. While monochromes and neutrals offer a classic look, a pop of colour from the earthy tones palette (think rust or olive) or the soft pastels (think lavender or baby pink) can add a touch of personality.

A tudung bawal from ZUCCA that complements the chosen colour scheme of your outfit creates a cohesive and polished look. Own this look with a mini-bag from Stynis Traveller Luggage & Bags and make it special with a pair of funky socks and trendy sneakers.

Anggun Bergaya: Timeless Elegance

‘Anggun Bergaya’ embodies elegance and sophistication that can be adapted for both day and night looks.

A knitted turtleneck dress from Panda Eyes provides a sophisticated and modest foundation for this outfit. Pair it with a chiffon shawl from Tudung Exclusive to complement the clean lines of the dress. A vibrant bandana adds a playful touch as an additional headscarf or a collared accessory

A monochrome outfit becomes a canvas for statement accessories. An oversized belt will define the waist and create a flattering silhouette. Bold and beautiful jewellery adds instant personality and energy. The right pair of sunglasses can do wonders for an outfit, instantly pulling the entire look together

"The #ShopeeHaul GayaLitLit collection is a product of strategic collaborations with Malaysian fashion brands M2 Dream, ZUCCA, Panda Eyes, KM Fashion Center, Stynis Traveller Luggage & Bags Store, Zoe Arissa, Tudung Exclusive, and ZEKE Store. Their design expertise and commitment to diverse modest and modern styles ensures this capsule wardrobe caters to a broad range of preferences, reflecting the multifaceted nature of our young Malaysian audience," commented Tan.

The #ShopeeHaul collection is a groundbreaking initiative for modest fashion in Malaysia. Available now on, the collection boasts incredibly affordable prices ranging from RM1 to RM40. #ShopeeHaul empowers SMEs and expands selection for underserved customers, demonstrating Shopee's dedication to leveraging technology to create a more inclusive marketplace.

Shopee streamlines fashion shopping for Malaysians with On-Time Guarantee for faster deliveries (including next-day and instant delivery) and more Shopee self-collection points. An expanded "Change of Mind" return policy allows for hassle-free returns on more items during the 15-day Guarantee period, allowing users to shop confidently and discover their favourite modest looks with ease!

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