Primal Shares 2023 Digital Marketing Outlook After Winning Best In-House Team at APAC Search Awards 2023

KUALA LUMUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 22 February 2023 - Primal Digital Agency Malaysia, an industry-leading digital marketing agency, proudly announces their win of the Best In-House Team at APAC Search Awards 2023.


The APAC Search Awards 2023 acknowledges and celebrates the companies that demonstrate excellence in search marketing. This year's awards received a record number of entries from countries across the region.

The Best In-House Team award recognises the effectiveness of Primal's internal marketing efforts and cross-department collaboration that had catapulted the agency to its current position as an important industry leader in three short years, despite the economic downturn of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also recognises the agency as having an effective internal culture amongst staff that is reflected in countless success stories.

General Manager of Primal Digital Agency Malaysia, Ronnie Chin said: "Our in-house team's expertise in data-driven strategies sets us apart and empowers us to revolutionise our clients' marketing, maximise their investment, and fuel their growth in a rapidly evolving marketplace."

Primal Digital Agency entered the Malaysian market in 2020 and comprises experts in online paid advertising, SEO services, content marketing, social media marketing, and digital consultancy. The digital marketing agency in Malaysia has established itself as a trusted partner to over 60 clients in three years, delivering measurable results through tailored and comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

2023 Outlook for Digital Marketing

Despite the challenges posed by external factors such as the pandemic and economic instability, Primal Digital Agency Malaysia remains optimistic about the growth potential of businesses in the digital space.

Primal Digital Agency Malaysia's Team Lead for Content and Creative, Liew Shu Wen, believes that the year 2023 will bring an increased emphasis on personalisation: "It's evident that content, especially human-centric content, plays a vital role in determining the success of digital marketing communications. It's the lifeblood that drives engagement, establishes brand authority, and ultimately inspires consumer action. Creating compelling and impactful content sets successful brands apart from the rest in a world where attention is scarce."

Senior Ads Operations Specialist Yeap Xin May, added: "Marketers should focus on personalised content and effective targeting to connect with their target audiences. The digital platform selection process is key and should be guided by a comprehensive understanding of the target consumer and marketing strategy. Simply put, to succeed in the digital arena, it's essential to know who you want to reach and create campaigns that resonate with them deeply."

Speaking on SEO trends, Senior SEO Specialist Tan Shu Yeong said: "For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the landscape is shifting to building a more people-centric user experience. This applies to the development of websites that focus on UX/UI and content."

He added: "Visuals, creative content and the website's architecture should be seen as a holistic approach rather than individual components. A website without human-centric content or visuals that speak to the audience will not attract traffic, much less attention."

Primal Digital Agency Malaysia General Manager Ronnie Chin notes that as we move into an increasingly AI-automated time with AI applications and tools taking over a lot of the creative space in marketing and advertising, the year 2023 will see consumers searching for a more human touch in their consuming content.

"We are already witnessing customers emphasising more human values like togetherness, tolerance, and corporate responsibility when making their purchase decisions," he said.

Primal's Effectiveness

The digital marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, consists of specialists rather than generalists. Primal Digital Agency Malaysia hires trained talents in specific niches with first-hand insider knowledge to drive and lead effective client campaigns. Client campaigns are further enhanced with an in-house proprietary system called SENTR, which has successfully innovated how the agency carries out end-to-end digital marketing, from internal planning to budgeting to reporting of campaign results.

SENTR is a one-stop shop for clients and staff to view and keep track of all ongoing campaigns, taking live reporting and optimisation to the next level for the utmost convenience.

The agency prides itself on being pivotal to the development of Malaysia's Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by openly and earnestly working to help many small companies produce effective digital marketing strategies as part of digitalisation efforts.

Primal's Culture

Primal Digital Agency Malaysia General Manager Ronnie Chin believes in driving a sustainable future for the digital marketing industry in Malaysia. The focus is not solely on providing the best tailored digital marketing services, but also on developing a well-rounded digital marketing agency where staff development and health are paramount.

"The culture at Primal Malaysia is conducive to clients and our employees - who are dominantly Gen-Z and millennials. We all embody Primal's five core values: Ownership, Collaboration, Never Stop Learning, Mastery, Openness and Respect, and Service Excellence. We believe companies are only as healthy as their employees, so we up-skill, train, and support our staff in whatever way possible," he said.

He said this positive internal culture had impacted the agency's success in many ways, as reflected in Primal's win for the Best In-House Team award.

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About Primal Digital Agency Malaysia
About Primal Digital Agency Malaysia
Primal Digital Agency Malaysia ( is a leading digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Part of a global group of digital agencies, Superist, the company provides various services, including search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search, and social media marketing. While campaigns vary from client and industry, all of them share one theme: data-driven digital marketing strategies that are agile.

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22 Feb 2023

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