Wak Doyok and Fizo Omar talk about finance together with OctaFX

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 2 May 2022 - Global broker OctaFX, together with its brand ambassadors Fizo Omar and Wak Doyok, is launching an educational project that aims to spread knowledge about finance and investing.

Malaysia's fashion guru Wak Doyok and popular actor Fizo Omar, who recently became the first-ever brand ambassadors of OctaFX in Malaysia, will share their financial knowledge and investing experience as part of the broker's new project. The initiative aims to boost financial literacy in Malaysia, the need for which has been increasingly discussed at the state level.

According to Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2021, most Malaysians have space to improve their financial habits. About 43 percent of them are susceptible to financial shocks as they spend more than what they earn, and 57 percent do not have enough savings to last them more than three months in case they lose their source of income.

Although Malaysian youth are more willing to use e-wallets and invest in digital assets than the older population, they are actually more reckless than their parents when it comes to financial habits. With that said, the issue of financial literacy remains highly relevant for the wide Malaysian audience.

OctaFX is striving to contribute to the issue by giving direct and easy access to information on finance. Anyone willing to participate can ask any question about money or financial planning to Wak Doyok and Fizo Omar, and the celebrities will answer based on their personal experiences with trading and investing. Submitting a question is easy through the project's page or by leaving a comment on OctaFX's Facebook or Instagram. The broker will regularly publish the answers to the most interesting questions on its social media.

Fizo Omar feels happy to be a part of the project and truly believes in its mission.

'We deсided on the Q&A format to make education easily accessible—and I am excited to share my knowledge,' the actor said. 'Anyone interested in finance can participate—you don't have to be the broker's client. Personally, I believe that everyone can become a master of their money, but it requires financial literacy.'

Wak Doyok also feels like he has a lot of personal experience to share:
'I have been learning about and testing different investing methods for many years. Trading has become one of my favourite ways to preserve and grow my capital. During the pandemic, I realised I had been right to diversify my sources of income since it left me in a more secure position. Investing can be like a second salary—it is something I would recommend everyone to seriously consider.'

Malaysians will have a chance to ask their questions about finance and investments to the OctaFX brand ambassadors until 20 June. The authors of the best questions will receive valuable prizes, while the two first-prize winners will get the opportunity to spend a day in person with Wak Doyok or Fizo Omar. They will see how the celebrities manage to fit both their demanding jobs and investment in their daily lives.

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About OctaFX
About OctaFX
is a global broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charity and humanitarian initiatives, including improvement of educational infrastructure, short-notice relief projects, supporting local communities and small to medium enterprises.

In the APAC region, it managed to capture the ‘Decade Of Excellence In Forex Asia 2021’ award, the ‘Best Islamic FX Account 2020’ award, and the ‘Best CFD Broker Asia Pacific 2020’ award by Global Banking and Finance Review, World Finance, and Cfi.Co, respectively.




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02 May 2022

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