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The adoption of new trends, technologies and consumer preferences means the hospitality industry is constantly evolving. 
Communicating and connecting with media partners in this dynamic sector has become increasingly important as industry professionals and investors seek to gain a better understanding of market trends, stay ahead of the competition and connect with their valued customers.
Communicating news, hotel trends, restaurants and property openings not only increases your company’s brand awareness, but will also help the hospitality industry stay ahead of global trends, market fluctuations and changing consumer habits. 
As an industry leader in the hospitality space, Media OutReach Newswire can connect hospitality brands with influential and trusted hospitality media outlets in Asia Pacific and globally through our dedicated journalist database of consumer and industry trade publications. 
Media OutReach Newswire can help you deliver breaking news and press releases to journalists worldwide for hotel openings, awards, rankings and the latest hospitality trends. 
Hospitality industry press release distribution across Asia Pacific and the world
Media OutReach Newswire is your trusted partner for hospitality industry news and press release distribution. Our extensive distribution network of more than 500 media partners means we can guarantee online postings of your press releases and connect you with a database of 140,000 journalists to ensure maximum visibility and exposure for your press release.

Hospitality industry press release distribution across Asia Pacific and the world

From hotel, restaurant and property news, to senior management changes, Media OutReach Newswire connects you to relevant journalists and media outlets to help you maximise your media coverage.

We also offer detailed post-release reports to facilitate reporting and ensure you get the coverage you need on the places that matter, so you can focus on the next piece of news at hand. Find out more about our press release distribution services here.

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As the world recovers from Covid-19, it is vital to reach out to the hospitality industry to stay ahead of global business trends and Media OutReach Newswire is the perfect partner to expand your media outreach program. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage the power of media outreach and take your hospitality PR to the next level.

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