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CyberHash CyberHash
#FinTech #Business & Finance
30 December 2021
CyberHash raises $20 million in Lemon-led round
Netcetera AG Netcetera AG
#FinTech #Business
Netcetera AG
22 December 2021
LianLian Global and Netcetera team up to secure payments globally
Stay up to date on global Fintech news and corporate announcements with Media OutReach. The phrase financial technology or Fintech is the new, innovative technology that competes with and disrupts the traditional banking and finance industry, allowing customers to access financial services and products that are quicker and cheaper to use. Fintech companies and their innovations are disrupting the financial sector as well as the economy as a whole, impacting everything from payments and financial regulations at work to how people manage their money in their private life. Some of the hottest Fintech news topics include financial apps, digital wallet applications, digital & mobile banking systems, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crowd fundraising, venture investments and capitals, compliance, research and so much more.

There is a wide range of fintech companies that have emerged in the past decade. These companies provide new insights into financial concepts and help consumers around the world gain better control of their finances. And the news that comes out of this sector is constantly changing and evolving, making it difficult to be followed.

Staying on top of the latest fintech news in Asia isn’t easy. Press releases, news, articles, insights, and market analyses are being released all the time. If you work in this field or if the latest fintech insights are relevant in your industry or company, then you need to stay up to date with all the latest news. This includes the latest fintech press releases, news, intelligence, and insights in the sector.

On this page, we have all the latest fintech press releases on everything from mobile payments to bitcoin, blockchain, personal finance, and Robo advisors. Whether you’re trying to make the right decision for your personal finances, for your family or simply wish to stay up to date to get ahead in your career, our page can make this easier. You can access the most recent fintech press releases at ease with a carefully curated news feed that includes all the most important business insights and releases anywhere at any time with a tap of your finger.

While most of the time we focus on the latest news in Asia, it’s different when it comes to fintech news. Global changes, innovations, and technologies have a huge impact on the fintech industry. That’s why we make sure to focus wide enough and do the work of curating the news down to what’s most important. While the newest technologies and innovations are introduced into the market, such as new delivery platforms, automation, blockchain, and digital-only banking, you’ll be right on top of the changes and ready to make the most out of them in your business and personal life.

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