Dr. N. Krishna Reddy appointed CEO and Dr. Sten Vermund inducted to ACCESS Health International's Board of Directors

HYDERABAD, INDIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 4 January 2024 - ACCESS Health International, a globally recognized health systems think tank and advisory group, today announced two important leadership transitions. Dr. N. Krishna Reddy, who has been leading the operations as President across Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Concurrently, the organization welcomes to its Board of Directors, Dr. Sten Vermund, Yale University Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health and a preeminent figure in pediatric medicine and infectious disease epidemiology.

This transition follows the leadership of Dr. William Haseltine, the founder CEO and Chair, who will continue his contributions as Chair. Dr. Reddy's promotion signifies his impactful journey with ACCESS Health. A seasoned cardiologist, he co-founded CARE Hospitals in 1997, demonstrating his commitment to accessible, quality healthcare. Dr. Reddy expressed gratitude, stating, "The foundation laid over the past 15 years will guide our vision amid emerging health challenges."

Dr. Vermund's induction brings global insights, reflecting his pivotal roles at Yale and the Global Virus Network. His transformative work in HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 research, especially in resource-limited settings, aligns with ACCESS Health's mission. Dr. Vermund said, "ACCESS Health aims to enhance health system effectiveness in regions lacking equitable healthcare. As a Board member, I am eager to contribute. In 2024, amidst global challenges and environmental threats, ACCESS's mission remains crucial."

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ACCESS Health International
ACCESS Health International
Established in 2007 in Hyderabad, ACCESS Health is a leading health systems research and innovation organization. Partnering globally with governments, private sectors, and researchers, it operates from offices in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Singapore, and Dubai. It emphasizes a holistic approach to health systems, covering governance, payers, providers, community, and information systems.

Notable initiatives include technical assistance to Indian state governments for the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (India's flagship public health insurance scheme), the Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience, the Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Disease Alliance and the India Health Systems Collaborative, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With Dr. Reddy at the helm as CEO and Dr. Vermund bringing his extensive expertise to the Board, ACCESS Health is poised for an era of growth and impact. It's commitment to community-centric, inclusive healthcare policies, innovations and collaborations, will solidify its position as a leader in health systems research, capacity building, advocacy, and implementation.

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04 Jan 2024

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