Classy Kiss and Uni-China Group Enter into Strategic Cooperation Team Up to Venture into the Yogurt Product Market in Hong Kong

The first three products are now available at more than 1,000 points of sales in Hong Kong

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 22 February 2024 - Classy Kiss, the number one yogurt brand in Southern China, has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Uni-China Group, under which Uni-China Group will serve as Classy Kiss's sole distributor in Hong Kong to launch Classy Kiss's yogurt products in the Hong Kong market. The signing and launch ceremony was held today. According to the cooperation agreement, Uni-China Group will introduce Classy Kiss's iconic products to local consumers through its retail network across Hong Kong and its high-end cold chain logistics distribution system. The first three products to be launched in the Hong Kong market, including "007 Probiotic Family Pack Yogurt (Original)", "One Hour After Meal", and "Natural Yogurt", are now available at designated retail outlets across the city, including ParknShop, Wellcome, U Select, Bao Dim Sin Seng, and FRESH, and will also be available at Circle K Convenience Stores and 7-Eleven at the end of February and March, respectively, totaling over 1,000 points of sales.

Classy Kiss, Uni-China and all artists
Classy Kiss, Uni-China and all artists

Classy Kiss is the number one yogurt brand in Southern China in terms of sales volume. It has been focusing on the research and development of low-temperature dairy products since its establishment 24 years ago. Classy Kiss's yogurt is made from top international strains fermented with high-quality fresh cow's milk, which meets EU standards. The products have been awarded the SGS Global Dairy Industry Gold Standard Certification and The Superior Taste Award. Classy Kiss products lead the market in four aspects: source of milk, bacterial strains, craftsmanship, and quality.

The first three products launched in Hong Kong will be transported to various points of sales across the city by Uni-China Group's dedicated cold chain logistics team. The team's logistics solution combines nearly HK$100 million in investment in artificial intelligence and automation system equipment, making it the first service provider in Hong Kong to offer seamless automated cold chain logistics solutions to customers, effectively ensuring the preservation of quality and food safety of products to the highest standard.

Wang Weijia, Founder and General Manager of Classy Kiss, said, "Hong Kong is an important member of the Greater Bay Area and a window to the international market. Classy Kiss's entry into the Hong Kong market not only complements our strategic plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, but also enhances our brand's competitiveness and prepares us for future overseas market development. We are pleased to cooperate with Uni-China Group, which provides reliable support with its sizeable retail network, extensive experience in food trading, and seamless cold-chain logistics system. As travelling to Mainland China has become a trend for Hong Kong people in recent months, weare introducing our flagship products directly to Hong Kong to give its consumers the freshest and safest high-quality product experience through the most convenient shopping channels."

Jackie Ling, Chairman of Uni-China Group, said, "We are honored to become Classy Kiss's strategic partner to capture the business opportunities in the rapidly growing yogurt market and bring quality yogurt products that are renowned in Southern Mainland China to local consumers. With our experience in retail and food trading, extensive distribution network, and a seamless automated cold chain logistics system, we can ensure that the yogurt products are in the best quality and the most stringent food safety is upheld throughout the cold chain transportation process. This strategic cooperation fully leverages the Group's advantages in various aspects. Going forward, we will continue to source and introduce different food brands from around the world to provide consumers with a wider range of high-quality food options."

Classy Kiss products are now available in designated retail outlets across Hong Kong, including ParknShop, Wellcome, U Select, Bao Dim Sin Seng, and FRESH, and will also be available at Circle K Convenience Stores and 7-Eleven by the end of February and March, respectively, totaling over 1,000 points of sales.

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About Classy Kiss
Established in 1999, Classy Kiss is a modern professional dairy product enterprise that integrates research, production, sales, and cold chain logistics. It is the only large-scale dairy product enterprise in China that focuses on yogurt production. Classy has been focusing on low-temperature yogurt for 24 years, with a professional product team, logistics team, production factory, and leading quality systems including ISO9001 and HACCP certifications. Over the years, Classy Kiss has adhered to a product strategy of "high grade, high quality, high standards", successfully creating the Classy Kiss range of yogurt product and becoming the preferred brand in the white-collar consumer market and high-end dairy product market.

About Uni-China Group
About Uni-China Group
With nearly 25 years of experience in Hong Kong, Uni-China Group has been playing an important role in the operation and management of different sectors based on the local business landscape. The Group has evolved from a commercial entity to a diversified business with a consistent commitment to excellence. The Group has a wide range of businesses, including retail, food and beverage, food trading, asset management, integrated marketing and marketing. Today, the Group manages about 1,000 stores in Hong Kong, and is not only a leader in various industries, but also plays a key role in promoting traditional culture and future development. Uni-China currently employs around 5,000 employees, and the entire team is dedicated, professional and committed to achieving excellence in all aspects. Uni-China is committed to promoting the sustainable development of its business scope and community services, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, and maintaining its leading position in the industry.


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22 Feb 2024

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