Yung Kee Restaurant Collaborates with Perfume Trees Gin

A Gastronomic Fusion of Traditional Cantonese Cuisine and Artisanal Gin – Savor the True Taste of Hong Kong

HONG KONg SAR - Media OutReach - 17 November 2023 - In an exciting collaboration, Yung Kee, a respected institution of Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong, is partnering with the innovative gin brand, Perfume Trees Gin, to offer a unique gastronomic experience. Slated for the evening of November 21st, this finely orchestrated event will showcase a seamless pairing of Yung Kee's classic Cantonese dishes with the distinctive gin concoctions of Perfume Trees Gin, celebrating the genuine flavors of Hong Kong.

This thoughtfully crafted event will be further elevated by the participation of Kit Cheung, founder of Perfume Trees Gin and a celebrated local mixologist. Cheung will serve as the resident mixologist at Yung Kee for the evening, crafting four exclusive gin-based cocktails, each artfully blending the distinctive elements of Hong Kong's flavor palette:

  1. Smoking Chamomile ($115): A sophisticated mix of Perfume Trees Gin, chamomile, white wine, apple, lemon, local honey, and ginger's zest. This cocktail's intricate balance of sweetness and acidity masterfully complements the rich and savory roasted meats.
  2. Luxury Lychee ($100): A delicate fusion of Perfume Trees Gin, lychee red tea, lychee liqueur, lime, and cranberry juice, offering a sweet and floral counterpoint to the smoky undertones of the roasted meats.
  3. Five-Spice Negroni ($130): A creative twist on the classic Negroni, infusing Perfume Trees Gin with five-spice powder, Campari, and sweet vermouth, embodying a unique fusion of Italian and Chinese culinary traditions.
  4. Ink Mocha ($75): An imaginative blend of pale ink coffee liqueur, chocolate milk, Perfume Trees Gin, and elderflower cream, evoking the contrasting lights and shadows of the city, akin to the nuanced complexities of Hong Kong itself.

Kit Cheung, with his profound mixology expertise spanning over 18 years in Hong Kong and Europe, will unite the traditional flavors of Yung Kee with the innovative spirit of Perfume Trees Gin, orchestrating a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Established in 1942, Yung Kee is not only a symbol of Hong Kong's gastronomic legacy but also a guardian of its Cantonese culinary heritage. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in both the unique charm of Cantonese cuisine and the inventive cocktails curated by Kit Cheung.

This collaboration signifies more than just a culinary convergence; it is a deep dive into and homage to the rich tapestry of Hong Kong's local culture. "Over the past eight decades, Yung Kee has grown in tandem with Hong Kong. Through our collaboration with Perfume Trees Gin, we aim to unveil the multifaceted and integrative nature of Hong Kong's food culture, offering a taste of the city's unique character and spirit," says Yvonne Kam, CFO of Yung Kee.

Cheung remarks, "It is a great honor to collaborate with Yung Kee, an establishment emblematic of Hong Kong's history and culinary excellence. My aspiration is to introduce a fresh perspective to our traditional food culture with the locally inspired Perfume Trees Gin, creating a new layer of culinary excitement."

Event Details
Date: November 21
Time: 6 PM to 9 PM
Venue: Yung Kee Restaurant, 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Hashtag: #YungKee

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Yung Kee
Yung Kee
Established in 1942, Yung Kee has built a worldwide reputation for excellence to preserve Cantonese cuisine from an earlier era with a deep roots in Hong Kong's cultural fabric, a jewel nestled in the heart of this bustling metropolis. Yung Kee has been an enduring beacon for both locals and visitors, drawing them in with its signature charcoal-grilled barbecue dishes and an extensive menu of authentic Cantonese cuisine, tailored to suit every palate and budget.

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17 Nov 2023

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