Home101 Interior Decoration, Design & Construction Flagship Store is Now Open

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 12 May 2023 - Home101 interior decoration design and construction flagship store, officially opened on January 2 this year, and is located on the 2nd floor of ihome Center, No. 369 Lockhart Road, Wanchai. With a total floor size exceeding 6,000 square feet, it provides Home101 customers with the best quality of services and total solution, including design, construction and materials.

Consumers are Fed-up of Unfinished Renovations Cases

With reference to wide-spread media reports, there have been countless cases of incomplete design and construction projects, where customers have nowhere to appeal and pursue the issue in recent years.

Since design and construction projects usually involve engineering expertise, it is difficult for any ordinary consumer to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to understand the project details, cost and charges. Besides, as the industry has a large number of construction professionals, the manual skills and workmanship of different masters may vary greatly. It is now near impossible for customers to judge how to choose the right interior design company that meets their needs and requirements.

While there is room for improvement in the regulatory and supervision mechanism of the design and decoration industry under the Hong Kong laws and regulations, it makes it difficult to put an end to the incidents of unfinished decoration projects and payment disputes, with which the public from time to time suffers from misrepresentation, fraud, and financial losses during a renovation project. Since the amount in dispute is usually higher than $75,000, which cannot be recovered through the Small Claims Tribunal, and must be referred to a more complicated process through the district court for any claimed amount higher than $3,000,000.

However, this will inevitably create another huge amount of legal fees which an ordinary citizen may not be able to afford. As a result, despite of the decoration company's irresponsibility and deception, many people would have no choice but to settle the dispute through private negotiations and forgo their own legal rights to pursue the matter, while suffering losses in many cases. This has damaged the reputation of the industry and shed the ethical and professional renovation companies in an undesirable light.

Home101 Establishes the Industry's First 8-Guarantees on its Matching Platform

The Home101 interior decoration design and construction platform provides smart online matching services and selects the most suitable design decoration and construction service suppliers to fit the customer's needs.

The platform has initiated a new practice to share customers' risks and established the industry's first 8 service guarantees:

1) guarantee the reputation and reliability of franchisees;
2) guarantee compensation in case of project delays;
3) guarantee dedicated person for project supervision;
4) guarantee free handover inspection;
5) guarantee no unfinished work;
6) guarantee sufficient insurance;
7) guarantee consolidated quotation;
8) guarantee safe payment gateway;

Through these protective measures, Home 101 has safeguarded and strengthened the trust between consumers and the interior design and construction companies.

Taking advantage of technology advancement, Home 101 has created an intelligent matching platform, based on fair and transparent data analysis methods to match customers with the most suitable decoration and construction service providers.

Moreover, its business model emphasizes on the strict review and selection of franchise invitation, by a team of industry professionals that has not only gathered famous brand names, but also made both the customers and service providers feel more confident with a complete peace of mind.

Home101 hopes to use the platform as a starting point to gradually enhance the overall industry service quality so as to improve its competitiveness.

Grand Opening Discounts that Customers & Merchants Can Enjoy

To celebrate the grand opening of the Home101 interior decoration design and construction flagship store, we now offer discounted prices on various building materials as a token of appreciation to the support of customers and merchants.

Please call our hotline (+852) 5181 8101 for quotations and orders, or visit our flagship store on the 2nd floor of ihome Center, No. 369 Lockhart Road, Wanchai to purchase on-site.

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About Home101
About Home101
Home101 is a one-stop professional decoration design and construction service matching platform, dedicated to providing the most suitable decoration services according to consumers' needs when building the ideal, comfortable home.

We hope to contribute to improving the service quality and standards of the industry as a whole, and create a customer-oriented service experience. Currently, Home101's main target audience are local citizens in Hong Kong, where we provide a series of services from building material purchase, decoration design, to project construction, etc.

More than 30 large-scale and experienced decoration companies, as well as more than 20 well-known building materials suppliers have already joined hands with the Home 101 team, where we are dedicated to providing a first-class home decoration experience.





12 May 2023

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