Fabrica X Announces New Store Concept which Celebrates Innovation in Biomaterials in Textile and Lifestyle Products

Giving waste a new lease of life – six-month showcase hosted in partnership with Fidelity International, Biofabricate, and Lenzing Group

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 February 2023 - Fabrica X, the Impact Retail concept store operated by The Mills Fabrica in Hong Kong, today announces its new campaign, which over the course of six months, will celebrate innovations in biomaterials in textiles and lifestyle products. Biomaterials are new materials regenerated from organic waste through nature-based, biological processes to create more sustainable products. Along with its global partners, Fabrica X will enable Hong Kongers to learn, experience, and purchase biomaterial innovations and products in fabric materials, such as alternative leathers derived from coffee waste or footwear made from wood.

Relaunched in July 2022, Fabrica X is an innovative concept store that combines retail, education, and experiential discoveries through different thematic campaigns related to sustainability. The Mills Fabrica itself was grown out of Nan Fung Group's textile legacy in Hong Kong, with a mission to accelerate innovations for sustainability, environmental and social impact.

From lab to store, to closet – a one-stop-platform to bring new technology to everyday lives

Synthetic fibers today represent 65% of global fiber production, of which 56% of fibers produced are derived from fossil fuels, according to Textile Exchange's 2022 report. The huge amount of textiles produced means an equally staggering amount is sent to landfills or incinerated each year estimated at one garbage truck of textile waste every second. This contributes to the release of greenhouse gas emission as textile waste decomposes in landfills.

"Our first campaign in 2023 serves to showcase — and celebrate — the wonders and progress made in biomaterials science. Today we are seeing lab innovations transform into beautiful, practical, and biodegradable fabrics, dyes, and materials spun into clothing," said Cintia Nunes, General Manager, Head of Asia, The Mills Fabrica.

"Fabrica X is putting the spotlight on biomaterials as we urge consumers and businesses to rethink conventional textile materials, particularly in our daily lives — and understand the real environmental and social implications of their purchases."

Fabrica X aims to use its Impact Retail concept store not only as a retail space for businesses to sell products made with sustainable materials, but also to exhibit innovative biomaterial concepts and fabrics where people can touch, feel and observe the materials. It includes an experiential zone where people can get hands-on learning experiences on transforming common food waste and natural materials into new life. By doing so, Fabrica X aims to put this issue front and center in Hong Kongers' lives, and urges businesses and retailers to make more conscious purchasing decisions by seeing and understanding the innovative alternatives that are available in the market today.

With an emphasis on hands-on education, Fabrica X will also showcase the lifecycle and decomposition process of biodegradable fabric throughout the campaign period of 6-months.

With support from Fidelity International, Biofabricate, and Lenzing Group

With a shared belief in building a more sustainable future, Fidelity International is forming a collaborative partnership with Fabrica X, to support and influence consumers and businesses to become more sustainable.

"At Fidelity, we understand that every decision from investment to daily wearables, has an impact for society. That is why we take an active approach to sustainable investing, seeking to steer companies towards decisions that will positively impact the greater good. United by the goal of building a more sustainable future, we are proud to partner with Fabrica X and lend our support to drive biomaterial innovation at home and beyond to unlock new sustainable possibilities across industries. We seek to become the catalyst to fundamentally change industry practices to become more mindful of consumption choices," said Ellie Tang, Director, Sustainable Investing from Fidelity International.

In addition to Fidelity International, Biofabricate, the global authority in sustainable biomaterials, is the campaign's Knowledge Partner – ensuring that educational contents used in the campaign are verified, impactful, and not susceptible to greenwashing. Lenzing Group, one of the world's leading supplier of specialty fibers for the textile and nonwovens industries – with its flagship brand TENCELTM – provides ecologically responsible fibers for the exhibition.

Fabrica X is open to partnerships and collaborations with startups, brands, corporates and investors from Hong Kong and around the world to join its mission to promote materials sustainability, and to accelerate development and adoption of innovative biomaterials.

The six-month showcase will feature global innovations that will change the industry, including the incubatees and investees from The Mills Fabrica, as well as a number of local, regional, and global innovators who will unveil their innovative and sustainable materials made with from fruit peels, seashells, mushroom, and many more, for the public to feel and experience. During which, Hong Kongers can also shop from featured brands which produce clothings and other goods made from such biomaterials.

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About Fabrica X
About Fabrica X
Fabrica X is the go-to Impact Retail concept store operated by The Mills Fabrica, where visitors can experience sustainable living with the latest innovative fashion and food tech brands. The store heralds biodiverse material use, minimal waste, and ethical production, and through engaging experiences inspire visitors to make eco-conscious, responsible purchases.

About The Mills Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica is a go-to solutions platform accelerating techstyle and agrifood tech innovations for sustainability. Officially launched in Hong Kong in December 2018, The Mills is a landmark revitalization project by the Nan Fung Group, transforming their old textile factories into a new heritage, experiential retail, and innovation centre. With its business incubator, investment fund, spaces in Hong Kong and London, and community-building initiatives, The Mills Fabrica aims to create success stories of collaborations between innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporates, that together, will drive positive change for future generations.

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06 Feb 2023

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