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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 December 2022 - Founded in 1994, Shanghai Tang has always been a leading fashion lifestyle brand. The brand is committed to promoting modern Chinese aesthetics to the world. With bright and lively, exquisite and exquisite designs that keep pace with the times, it has always been recognized as a representative of the collision of East and West, and the combination of tradition and modernity.

Shanghai Tang - The new Pacific Place store will open in December 2022. The new ready-to-wear collection - The Double Song "Double Song" and the latest lifestyle series - Ginger flower diffuser & candle (Ginger flower diffuser & candle) will be simultaneously in the Pacific Place store Grand debut.

Shanghai Tang launches AW2022 Women's Collection -- The Double Song

SHANGHAI TANG's AW2022 Women's Collection "The Double Song" is named after scholar François Cheng's poetry collection "Double-Chant". Inspired by the Chinese philosophical ideas of complementarity and moderation, the collection is infused with imagery of rocks and trees, as well as flowers, birds and natural scenery, to convey the interdependence and vitality of nature's creations.

Designers used varying styles of Chinese and Western tailoring to unite contrasting characters such as strength, flexibility, sensibility and rationality. The collection reveals China's natural charm accompanied by romantic and exuberant depictions of rocks, trees, flowers, birds and natural scenery. The intricate craftmanship and innovative design is an ode to classical Chinese beauty with a twist of the modern touch - the perfect synergy to convey the composure and elegance of contemporary women.

This season's collection diverges from the typical silhouette of Shanghai Tang by achieving a greater integration of line and space that presents a stronger sense of rhythm and vitality. The garments are carefully shaped around the body while maintaining a sufficient level of spaciousness to create voluminous and flowing silhouettes that present more inclusive and diversified aesthetics.

Designers used abstract elements and techniques such as contrast and intersubjectivity to inject new ideas into the collection while adhering to traditional Chinese cultural imagery and artistic expression. Folding fans and flowy sleeves combine rigidity and softness, showing the beauty of Chinese etiquette. Meanwhile, ink flower patterns that transcend time with the elegance of their brushstrokes are an homage to Chinese scholars and painters of the past. Floral hot-stamping velvet, water-soluble embroidered lace and three-dimensional pleats are used throughout the collection. They reinterpret the brand's unique artistic style, outstanding quality, and its never-ending exploration of traditional craftsmanship in contemporary Chinese fashion.

Natural tones and textures present the delicate emotions carried by the marriage of fashion and Chinese imagery. From rowans, otters, mulberries and blue butterflies of early autumn to the soft colorful atmosphere created by stones and trees on misty winter days, the collection explores the relationship between airiness and denseness by employing cascading colors and contrasting or coordinating patterns. It presents the co-existence of strength and softness in the garments. The collection's shirts, suits and wide-legged trousers encompass the beauty of stiffness and agility with their lustrous satin textures. Simplified coats, parkas and lace co-ords explore the diverse beauty of women, presenting clarity and openness of the feminine character.

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About Shanghai Tang
About Shanghai Tang
Shanghai Tang was founded by the late socialite and magnate Sir David Tang KBE in Hong Kong in 1994. Hailed as 'Hong Kong's last nobleman', Sir David Tang established Asia's premier private club, The China Club, along with the oriental luxury lifestyle brand, Shanghai Tang, in the 1990s.

With his exceptional taste and international standing, Sir David Tang led Shanghai Tang to create many iconic pieces that blended unique Chinese and Western visions with traditional Chinese crafts and cultural symbols. Shanghai Tang since then has been an emblem of Chinese oriental beauty and has attracted many loyal followers around the globe.

From 'Inspired by China' to 'Created by Chinese', today Shanghai Tang reinvents the brand's voice with the spirit of contemporary China, establishing itself as an international Chinese luxury lifestyle brand while staying true to the brand's heritage. Shanghai Tang's product lines include haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, fine jewelry, home decor and art pieces. The brand continues to inspire and modernize fine oriental lifestyle whilst preserving the essence of traditional culture and craftsmanship.


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14 Dec 2022

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