Omnichat launches Omnichannel Chat Commerce Solutions, empowering retailers to bridge online and offline

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 December 2022 - As the epidemic trend continued to be stabilised, retailers expect a stronger return to their physical stores. In order to thrive in the post-COVID-19 environment, investing in convergence of offline and online commerce (OMO) will be the key to "new retailing". Omnichat launches its all-in-one solution which integrates customer service, marketing & sales features, with the aim of solving retailers' pain points on managing several social media channels, ineffective promotion and noncooperation of online & offline shops. Omnichat empowers retailers to bridge multiple touchpoints and cultivate seamless shopping experience, through the solutions of combining the experiential consumption driven by physical stores and the convenience of customer purchase generated by eShop.

FILA rolled out its 11.11 Campaign in WhatsApp with website conversion jumped by 3.5 times

To celebrate the 11.11 Campaign, FILA aims to arouse the fashion and sportswear trend seekers to pick the best products in its eShops. Partnering with Omnichat, an omnichannel chat commerce solutions, the conversion rate of completed transactions within the period increased by 3.5 times in a week.

The Abandoned Cart Recovery feature in WhatsApp is the key driver to FILA's remarkable website sales growth. Converting abandoned carts into sales, automated messages will be sent to remind customers of unchecked items at the scheduled time via WhatsApp. Matthew Tam, eCommerce Manager of FILA, said, "Online special offers such as free delivery and 7-day unconditional refund are highlighted in the messages to drive the attractiveness. Sending out the first reminder message in WhatsApp has contributed a conversion rate of 26% and a ROAS (Return on AD Spending) of 65."

OSIM introduced OMO platform, directs traffic across multiple touchpoints and performs omnichannel revenue tracking

OSIM, a pioneer in branded healthy lifestyle products, seamlessly combines its digital interactivity with offline sales by leveraging "Online-Merge-Offline" (OMO) sales feature. "The digital revolution has showcased the convergence of offline and online commerce with proven sales growth. Aside from the OMO strategy, OSIM makes use of the WhatsApp Broadcast feature to boost sales, and contributed 30% of conversion rate at our 11.11 Campaign," said Regina Ip, Marketing Manager of OSIM.

Diverting customers from Online to Offline:

Online customers choose a store to connect through WhatsApp, and will be bound to frontline salespeople for personalised service. Salespeople can then invite customers to try massage chairs in stores, experiencing the ultimate relaxation of mind and body.

Converting customers from Offline to Online:

When customers scan the QR code at offline stores, they will be automatically assigned to a designated Salesperson in WhatsApp, facilitating ongoing communications even customers have left the physical store. Salespeople can send out product links in one click with exclusive e-coupons, accelerating the purchase process of customers.

"We appreciate the function of recognising the revenue of each salesperson once the transactions are completed, it demonstrates the synergy of bridging online and offline ecosystem."

Venchi achieved 5x click rate, 2x total vouchers sold via WhatsApp in VIP Week

Venchi, an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer founded in 1878, brought forward its VIP week via WhatsApp. Alvin Tang, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager of Venchi (Greater China) stated, "Through Omnichat, we can easily set up and carry out a campaign in a short period of time without major IT integration and additional resources." WhatsApp Broadcast was utilised to blast out tailor-made messages for different target groups. "In Comparison to SMS, the click rate of our broadcast message has surged by 5x. We have attained 2x growth of the total vouchers sold."

Separately, 90% of customer enquiries were centralised from different messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and website live chat to an all-in-one platform via Omnichat CRM solutions. Thanks to the pre-set chatbot, customers can get instant responses on what they are looking for, for example, shop locations and operating hours. Enquiries can also be diverted to the corresponding team if customers prefer to chat with Venchi's staff. This, he says, will help translate to omnichannel messaging platform with enhanced efficiency, and in turn, increased consumer satisfaction and likelihood of repurchase.

Future plans of Omnichat

Omnichat, the leading omni-channel chat commerce solution provider currently provides services in Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Alan Chan, Founder and CEO of Omnichat said, "We are expanding our solutions such as formulating a Social Customer Data Platform (Social CDP) which allows retailers to keep track of key customers' first-party data, in tandem with payment links creation to get paid in messaging channels, empowering retailers on precise marketing automation in omni channels with higher revenue in return."

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About Omnichat:
About Omnichat:
Founded in 2017, Omnichat is an omni-channel chat commerce solution provider that centralises customers' conversations from WhatsApp Business Platform, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LINE, WeChat and website live chat into a single platform to enhance efficiency.

Leveraging our online-merge-offline(OMO) sales integration, marketing automation, chatbots as well as customer service platform, Omnichat is committed to empowering brands to deliver personalised shopping experience and drive smart retail transformation.



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06 Dec 2022

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