"CryptoPARD" OTC Flag Store HQ settles in Mong Kok with Education, Interaction and Exchanges Service

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 31 October 2022 - "CryptoPARD Encryption Panther", the first cryptocurrency academy and the flagship OTC store will soon land in Mong Kok, the center of ​​Hong Kong traffic. The new store would be at the opposite corner of Langham Place, intersection of Shanghai Street and Argyle Street. The 3,000 square feet flagship store operates with various functions including academy, a cryptocurrency exchange counter, an exhibition area for NFT works, a coffee bar, and other activity areas. The place provides a comfortable, relaxed and safe OTC environment, and experiential teaching space, accompany the public to experience the new era of cryptocurrency.

Rise of the Metaverse has aroused the attention of cryptocurrencies and digital assets

In recent years, digital assets investment has been the hottest topic, various products ranging from cryptocurrencies (Crypto), non-fungible tokens/digital artworks (NFT, NonFungible Token), decentralized finance (DeFi, Decentralized Finance), and Play To Earn gamified finance (GameFi, Game Finance). The rise of new economic structure has attracts global attention. To capture the opportunities brought by the metaverse economy, one must devote themselves into the blockchain technologies, the origin, application, and application of cryptocurrencies at the same time safely manage their assets and manage risk.

Digital assets are becoming more and more popular, and physical OTC creates convenient liquidity

There are more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, and the market size once exceeded three trillion US dollars. The rise of NFT has led to a rapid increase in trading volume and a sharp increase in the demand for deposit and withdrawal services in OTC. CryptoPARD offers physical OTC service and there are well-trained assistants provide human touch assistance. In CryptoPARD, companion is the most essential part of the service and accompanying novice investors through different steps is the main goals of the physical set up.

Crypto PARD is a "crypto academy" that provides a variety of cryptocurrency and blockchain ecology workshops, practical training, and certificate courses. It is also a physical OTC and a cryptocurrency exchange shop. The "CryptoPARD Fans Club" gathers like-minded communities and welcomes novices participants through learning, playing, and value added courses. There are options for small classes from 20 people to one-to-one teaching when in need. From simple to deep understanding of the origin, application, trading, and management of cryptocurrencies, as well as investment and financial operations on various platform. Through the courses, the clients could be able to find the most suitable financial planning with a comprehensive and clear understanding and experience.

CryptoPARD Cryptocurrency Academy - Practical training, Professional certificates, Value-added Choice

Under the rapid development of the global cryptocurrency economy, market knowledge and analytical skills are essential. CryptoPARD Cryptocurrency Academy accompanies everyone to in exploring their ability in adopting training, in-depth understanding of smart contracts, creation of non-fungible tokens NFT in different courses.

Energetic founders launches CryptoPARD flagship store

Solomon, CHAN Siu Long, the founder of "CryptoPARD," is a professional cryptocurrency investor who has worked as a senior VP in a global securities firm and a marketing director in a private bank. Transformed from a traditional financial analyst to a cryptocurrency expert, with rich experience and a unique set of chart technical analysis skills, developed a core course in "Three Principles in Crypto Management" and "Secret Skills for Controlled Loss and Unlimited Gain". He believed a positive attitude toward investing could cultivate long term increases in returns.

The COO and co-founder of CryptoPARD, Kim, TANG Ho Chun, is a wealth management trainer. His first encounter with the cryptocurrency's world was in 2016, and shifted his variety of experience in wealth management, investing and creating personal passive income into the new market. His venture investment has included games, cosmetic products, health care and migration service. His prediction made accurate judgement over the market trends. He currently has accumulated for millions of dollars of digital assets and cryptocurrencies and he multiplied his fortune in crypto market in a short period of time. They were aware of the potential for the Metaverse to develop, shared their experiences, and continuously promoted it.

They were aware of the potential for the Metaverse development and thus they established CrypotPARD with the intention of creating the most entertaining and dynamic OTC flagship store, with cryptocurrency academy to share market information and financial management skills with the public.

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31 Oct 2022

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