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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 26 October 2022 - To get better marketing results, many business owners switched to spread their business on Google, the largest search engine nowadays. Google marketing allows businesses to appear specifically to targeted potential audiences with strong buying intentions.

Hello SEO is a Hong Kong digital marketing agency, specialising in providing SEO, SEM and web design services. For SEO, the company charges clients according to the SEO service's performance, which is not a norm in the HK SEO marketing industry. clients pay for the performance when certain keywords reach the desired organic ranking of the search engine results page. Unlike the old SEO practice of adding a lot of text and keywords on the surface of the website, Hello SEO's SEO Service is specialized in boosting a website's organic traffic by using the new Google Core Web Vitals indicators, which focus on enhancing the website structure, replacing the and directly shortening the connecting time between the website and highly reducing the calculation time. All these allow clients to get a reliable SEO HK performance with a reasonable SEO price.

For those looking for a quick spreading effect, SEM marketing services may be more suitable. Google Ads has been recognised as the most effective online marketing tool. There are 6 major types of Google Ads management services including Keyword Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, and Map Ads. To optimize the effectiveness of these Google advertisements and minimize the SEM price, SEM service with experienced analysis and strategic ad setting is essential.

Google Keyword Search Ads are sometimes known as Pay Per Click (PPC), which means Google charges only when the audience has clicked the ad link. The spending for each keyword in Keyword Search Ads and the SEM cost is definitely the big concerns of all clients. The amount of budget depends on the competitiveness of the targeted keyword, how much the competitor is willing to pay, and "when, which position, and how often" the ad is expected to be found on the result page. By using the Hello SEO Google Ads Budget Calculator, clients can an estimated amount of Ads budget in advance. The calculator is free and open to the public without requesting any personal contacts. After inputting the targeted keywords and expected duration of the ads, the amount of Ads budget for specific keywords in the last 12 months will be shown.

Instead of waiting for a monthly report, a 24-hour real-time reporting system, the DashBoard of Hello SEO is provided to every customer to track the SEO and SEM performance anytime and anywhere. The hourly updated report includes the organic traffic data, paid traffic data, cost-per-click, impression, click-through rate, keyword ranking, backlinks information, performance comparison of the competitors, etc.

Google prefers something unique and thus it is a difficult job or impossible job to boost ranking for a website simply built by a famous website builder or template. As a professional web application development and web design company, Hello SEO team codes and creates a website without using any website builder or website templates. It turns out with a smooth and SEO-friendly website. Hello SEO's website design service is charged on a monthly basis, and the web design price depends on the complexity of the website design. The web management services include cloud server maintenance, AMP/ PWA installation, UI and UX design, program development, daily maintenance, etc.

To spread your business in the Google world, SEO and SEM are playing different roles. SEO gets higher rankings "naturally" by increasing organic traffic to a website, which takes a longer time to achieve, while SEM is more about paid traffic. SEM seems to be a shortcut, but it is not a straightforward path. It requires strategy and budget to achieve.

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Hello SEO Limited is a digital marketing company established in Hong Kong, providing a variety of digital marketing services and tools for different businesses and brands. The team is specialized in online marketing such as SEO search engine optimization, SEM Google advertising, and web design.

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26 Oct 2022

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