‘Magpie PREMIUM Rate’ Raised to 2.88% for Securities Traders’ Uninvested Balance

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 25 October 2022 - Magpie Invest today announced its one-of-a-kind "Magpie PREMIUM Rate" offering 2.88% per annum interest return on clients' uninvested balance, comparable with banks' current fixed deposit interest rates.

Magpie Invest launched its one-of-a-kind “Magpie PREMIUM Rate” offering 2.88% per annum interest return on clients’ uninvested balance in their stock trading accounts. Min. deposit HKD $10,000 / USD $1,400. No lockups. Quick withdrawals.
Magpie Invest launched its one-of-a-kind “Magpie PREMIUM Rate” offering 2.88% per annum interest return on clients’ uninvested balance in their stock trading accounts. Min. deposit HKD $10,000 / USD $1,400. No lockups. Quick withdrawals.

Magpie Invest, the premium securities trading app, operated by Magpie Securities Limited which is a leading securities firm wholly owned by the NASDAQ listed MICT Inc., unveiled its new Web APP to celebrate the 1st anniversary of its remarkable business in Hong Kong.

Magpie PREMIUM Rate 2.88% p.a.

"Magpie PREMIUM Rate" initiates a market leading 2.88% p.a. interest on all clients' ready-to-invest balance in their securities trading accounts, with conditions of minimum deposit HKD $10,000/USD $1,400, and a maximum interest-bearing balance of HKD $1M or USD $125K.

Unlike bank's fixed deposit, "Magpie PREMIUM Rate" does not require any time period on clients' deposit, so that clients can invest in equity markets, exchange foreign currencies or withdraw according to their own financial plans.

This trailblazing service unleashes the full value of securities traders' temporarily idle money, making it more profitable and flexible than accounts with other securities firms.

"Your money should not be idle, especially in the new environment of rising interest rates," said Mr. Richard Abrahams, CEO of Magpie Securities. "While preparing for your next investment, your principal will be growing at Magpie, even though you are not invested in the market now."

"At Magpie, we believe proactively investing can build wealth and a better life for investors, and we also understand under this volatile market, investors need more preparation, certainty and support on their investments." The CEO explained.

The rate was 0.5% six months ago since its soft launch but has now sharply risen to 2.88% in response to the rapid market changes to satisfy clients' needs.

"Magpie PREMIUM Rate" will give clients' every single dollar a steady boost on par with the market, and help everybody get better prepared for the next opportunity!

New Web APP

Now this hassle-free experience is extended to its newly launched Magpie Invest Web APP also. The elegantly designed Web APP streamlines the trading functions and highlights analytics including "Charts", "Company data", "Magpie Ideas", "Foreign Exchange", etc. that frequent traders are familiar with, to equip investors with a more immersive experience on a large screen.

Mr Tommy Jefferson Li, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Magpie Securities, said "We understand that some frequent traders may be more accustomed to using large monitors to conduct trading and managing their position and portfolio. To better serve our users, we launched our Web APP, from which clients can customize their own investment dashboard. We hope to give clients a personalized trading experience with the ability to move between our Web and Mobile APPs seamlessly to get more of what they need in any environment. "

Hong Kong as Number One Choice in Asian Market

Abrahams is satisfied with the registration of 5-digit number of Magpie Invest users over the past year when the city was experiencing Covid 19 and worldwide instability. He recognised that the users profile in Hong Kong is one characterised with sophisticated and well-educated securities trading APPs users which makes it the perfect market.

"Although Hong Kong is facing increasingly keen competition in the region, it is our number one choice in Asian market. Magpie Invest aims to become one of the leading global securities trading platforms in Asia and our commitment to Hong Kong remains unchanged." The CEO affirmed.

Magpie Invest, a global securities trading APP developed and operated by Magpie Securities, officially launched on September 15, 2021, connecting 7 major markets around the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Investors can trade for more than 18 hours a day, opening up more new global investment opportunities, while diversifying their investment portfolio and currency risks.

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About Magpie Securities Limited (Magpie Securities)
About Magpie Securities Limited (Magpie Securities)
Magpie Securities is a leading licensed securities firm (CE No. BJC541) based in Hong Kong, wholly owned by the NASDAQ listed MICT Inc., a global fintech company founded in 2002. The company has obtained Type 1 License for Dealing in Securities, Type 2 License for Dealing in Futures Contracts, Type 4 License for Advising on Securities, Type 9 License for Asset Management. It develops and operates the global securities trading App – MAGPIE INVEST, which was launched in September 2021. Magpie Securities offers its customers global investment opportunities to trade on more international exchanges than any other trading App in Hong Kong, bringing more markets and more securities to everyday retail securities traders.


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25 Oct 2022

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