MIR LIST, A Legend GameFi Project, recently officially launched and released the first version of its NFT product, Marfa Apocalypse

OTTAWA, CANADA - Media OutReach - 28 September 2022 - MIR LIST, a Legend GameFi that combines games, NFT, DeFi and GameFi, has recently been officially launched globally, and the first version of the NFT product Marfa Apocalypse has been released and is now available on the Opensea platform. MIR LIST's economic model balances user benefits with sustainability and has high quality and playability. The team overcame a series of technical difficulties such as NFT inlay, economic upChain and server expansion, to achieve a gaming experience similar to traditional AAA(A lot of Time, A lot of Money, A lot of Resources) games.

In terms of playablility, MIR LIST introduces a story-based game with good content, builds a new independently explorable combat competitive metaverse - Marfa Continent, unlocks prehistoric beasts, marriage square, gold square, dart missions, XDAG treasure scenes, and creates a globally Web3.0 metaverse opening gaming ecosystem to give players an immersive experience by using hyper-realistic technology .

In terms of technology, the MIR LIST gaming system is built in a network that balances decentralizaiton, scalability and security, with low fees, attracting a large number of both new and old players, ensuring sustainable development, eliminating high costs, thus allows the gaming economy expand rapidly and breaks the Web2 business monopoly, giving developers and players wonderful application experience.

In terms of Token Economy Model (Tokenomic), long running has been considered. And MIR LIST is currently offered platform token with the plan to issue 2 billion pieces for game props, transaction fees, NFT secondary market transaction taxes, voting on major issues, super node applications, and other MIR LIST ecological trade consumption, forming the MIR LIST value assessment model with Marfa Apocalypse NFT.

According to recent market developments, trailer of MIR LIST was launched in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Detailed game scenes, rich storyline, and unique gold-farming model attract the following and retweet of the community. MIR LIST official Twitter number increased to more than 10,000 people and the community reached to more than 100,000 people within a week. In return for the trust of users, MIR LIST also launched a global airdrop activity and was critically acclaimed. Meanwhile, with the integration of social elements, MIR LIST further increases the number of players and allows players to build their own fan communities, further enhance players stickiness .

Game and social are two interdependent modules. In traditional games, players interact, chat and arrange tactics when they play against each other, so the integration of game and social elements is more cater to players' needs.

To increase the profitability of the game, MIR LIST has introduced a three-in-one play method, which combines the common PvP, PvE and P2E on-chain gameplay, and introduces XDAG, a completely decentralized, POW Mainnet coins based on a Directed Acyclic Graph to form a unique gold-farming model. XDAG is mined entirely by the community, unlocking maps through LP or through in-game matches, randomly exploding special materials, combined with X-crystals and other materials to synthesize XDAG which can eliminate in-game transaction fees and save time, giving community members more value proof to the holders, attracting the attention of the mainstream community and Axie players, and reducing the cumbersome game steps to remain player-friendly.

In terms of the platform's economic model, MIR LIST has created a unique combination of HAX token and Marfa Apocalypse NFT, where game rewards will be distributed to active players through the NFT and TOKEN model, and adds a complete product closure loop and a clear value assessment model, avoiding the traditional chain game death spiral and the consumption of token by multiple ecologies, resulting in HAX token are in an absolute deflation state, while multiple scenarios require NFT for unlocking. NFT is issued in limited quantities, extremely rare, with extremely strong attributes, having the largest voting weight and airdrop probability in the entire MIR LIST system, which is also the identity medal of MIR LIST.

MIR LIST design concept originated from and service to players, they understand the players and focus on the long-term pursuit of players and revenue. The team continues to strengthen technology, transparent governance and community services to create a phenomenal Legend game production in Web3.0 field.

This year, the gamefi field financing amount has exceeded 4 billion U.S. dollars and the global chain game ecological download volume exceeds 110 million times. According to the current development trend of the chain game ecology, this year is expected to exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars. MIR LIST launched at the time of the rapid development, catch the trend of its rapid development, in the future, along with the continuous improvement of the MIR LIST ecology, it may lead the second half of the Web3.0 trend.

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28 Sep 2022

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