Shell, Sino Group and Halo Energy establish fastest EV station in Hong Kong, largest in Tsim Sha Tsui

Compatible with different Electric Vehicle brands, promotes use of electric vehicles to contribute to Net Zero Emission targets

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 20 May 2022 - Shell Hong Kong Limited (“Shell”), Sino Group (“Sino”) and , Halo Energy Limited (“Halo”), an innovation and technology company in Hong Kong, are expanding the coverage of the electric vehicle (“EV”) charging stations to encourage green transport and promote sustainable development in the region. Together, they have established the fastest universal EV charging station – Shell Recharge station in China Hong Kong City (“CHKC”). Compatible with different EV brands to cater to the increasing demands of users, Shell, Sino and Halo are working together to lead the industry and reduce carbon emissions in a proactive manner.

(Starting from left) Mr. Martin Tsang, Founder and CEO of Halo Energy, Ms. Anne Yu, Managing Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, Dr. David Chung, JP, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology and Ms. Bella Chhoa, Director – Asset Management of Sino Group officiated the launch of Shell Recharge station in China Hong Kong City in a joint effort to help reduce carbon emission in a proactive manner in Hong Kong.

As EVs become ubiquitous, expansion and upgrading of charging facilities is of paramount importance in fostering the long-term development of existing properties. Following the opening of the first ever Shell Recharge EV charging station in Fanling, the second Shell Recharge charging station was established in Sino Group’s property CHKC, and put into operation in early May providing 4 rapid direct current (DC) chargers for all EV brands in Hong Kong. Complementing Halo’s patent distribution system, one of the chargers operates at a speed of 300kW meaning that an EV can be fully charged within 15[1] minutes making it the fastest of its kind in Hong Kong. Together with Halo’s 40 semi-quick charging stations, CHKC now holds the most EV charging stations within Tsim Sha Tsui, enabling convenience for EV drivers and enhancing charging experience.

Dr. David Chung, JP (2nd from right), Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology visited the Shell Recharge station in CHKC carpark accompanied by Ms. Anne Yu (1st from left), Managing Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, Ms. Bella Chhoa (2nd from left), Director – Asset Management of Sino Group and Mr. Martin Tsang (1st from right), Founder and CEO of Halo Energy and learnt how the three parties will promote EV usage and their combined efforts to help the region achieve net zero emissions.

Shell is staying true to its mission actualising sustainability initiatives to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Shell’s brand-new facility at its Airport (Cargo Terminal) Station will commence operations in Q2 2022. The latest initiative marks Hong Kong’s first service station with both EV charging and conventional fuel facilities. Shell will become the first gasoline company in Hong Kong to offer a comprehensive EV charging network.

Rapid direct current (DC) chargers have a charging speed up to 300kW providing a speedy charging experience that could take as little as 15 minutes for a full charge, the fastest charging experience of its kind in Hong Kong.

Ms. Anne Yu, Managing Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, said, “Shell will spare no effort to help the city achieve its aim of reducing carbon emissions to actualise low-carbon transport. We are privileged to work with Sino and Halo to establish the fastest EV charging station in the territory by consolidating every party’s asset thereby leading the industry towards supporting the HKSAR government’s plans for enhanced EV adoption. In the near term, we will collaborate with more car factories and stakeholders to provide more than 300 Shell Recharge charging points across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. More Shell Recharge Stations will be set up in Sino’s properties as well with an end-year target, providing EV drivers with different speeds of charging stations to speed up the transition towards net zero emissions in Hong Kong.

Ms. Bella Chhoa, Director – Asset Management of Sino Group remarked, “Sino Group holds a firm belief that innovation and technology are key to sustainability, and has been actively working with industry peers as well as start-ups with a focus on this aspect. We are pleased to collaborate with Shell and start-up company, Halo, on this project to work around challenges faced in the installation of additional charging facilities in existing buildings, through the adoption of the refined electric vehicle charging and management system. In alignment with the government’s key environmental protection policies, we believe that a comprehensive network of charging stations is crucial to promoting the wide adoption of electric vehicles. To this end, increasing electric vehicle charging stations will be a key focus of Sino Property Services in promoting sustainability in property management. In the future, we will further expand the coverage of electric vehicle charging stations at our properties. It is estimated that the number of chargers will see a substantial increase of 67% to over 1,400 in 2022, in an effort to encourage the use of green transportation in the wider community.”

Mr. Martin Tsang, CEO and Founder of Halo, shared, “Halo has always been proactively enhancing charging services through the integration of local science research and global charging technologies. We are proud to establish the fastest charging station in Hong Kong in the city’s core business area – China Hong Kong City. With as fast as 15 minutes to provide 200km mileage for latest model EVs, an equivalent of 3 back-and-forth journeys from CHKC and the Airport, the Station will address every resident’s concern about using an EV and they will now experience the convenience of fast-charging that is as convenient as filling up a gas tank. Furthermore, through Halo’s patent Load Management electric distribution system, EVs will be parked in a similar manner as at CHKC in order to achieve a large or even full EV charging coverage with a big saving on the power load for the charging station thereby building a real showcase of EV Ready building. ”

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[1] New EVs models that are able to support faster transmission speed will be able to charge from 20% to 80% in 15 minutes.

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20 May 2022

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