Splendid Powerful Establishes A Joint Venture with Joyas to Enter into The Fintech and NFT Sector

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 20 January 2022 - Silver Map Holdings Corporation Limited ( "Silver Map"), the majority shareholder of Splendid Powerful Limited ("Splendid Powerful"), announced that Splendid Powerful entered into a joint cooperation agreement (the "JC Agreement") with Asiapac Growth Holdings Limited ("Asiapac"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joyas International Holdings Limited's ("Joyas") which is currently listed on Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (stock code: E9L). A new entity, namely Meta Technology International Limited ("Meta"), will be incorporated in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR"). Splendid Powerful will own 40% of the issued share capital of Meta while Asiapac will own 60%.


Meta is principally engaged in the provision of financial technology solutions and services to clients including:

1.       assisting clients to digitalize of their artworks such as paintings, sculptures, photos and music into non-fungible tokens ("NFTs") using blockchain technology;

2.       arranging and designing unique promotion campaigns for the NFTs;

3.       assisting clients to tokenize tangible and intangible assets into security tokens and listing the

security tokens on decentralized security token exchanges; and

4.       assisting clients to trade their NFTs on the NFT marketplaces.

Mr Alfonso Chu, Director of Splendid Powerful , said, " We are pleased to join together with Joyas. Combining our leading-edge blockchain technology with their unparalleled financing industry expertise, the collaboration can help clients better diversify their investment portfolios and meet the growing demand for fintech services. We look forward to expanding the relationship with Joyas and creating the potential for Meta to offer digital investment products."


Mr Vincent Cheung, The Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Joyas, said, " We are excited to partner with Splendid Powerful to form a joint venture. The joint venture will not only enable Meta to pursue more growth opportunities in the Fintech and NFT areas, but will also provide us a competitive edge in assisting our clients in joining a high-growth potential industry. This enables us to achieve balanced development and qualitative prosperity, while providing our shareholders with reasonable returns."

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About Splendid Powerful Limited
About Splendid Powerful Limited

Splendid Powerful, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, is principally in the business of providing financial technology ("Fintech") services and investing in investments such as securities token offerings ("STO") and non-fungible tokens ("NFT"). Going forward, Splendid Powerful intends to set up a NFT marketplace and organise NFT project events under the names "V Gallerier" and "V. Market", and "V. World" respectively. V Gallerier is intended to be a virtual art display centre for Asian contemporary art and ancient art, and endeavours to evolve into a unique marketplace for art collectors and lovers alike. V. World will operate project events while V. Market will operate as NFT marketplace. Splendid Powerful will invite Meta's clients to participate in such NFT marketplace and NFT project events.

Silver Map Holdings Limited owns 60% of the issued share capital of Splendid Powerful and the remaining 40% of the issued share capital of Splendid Powerful is owned by Euasia Development Company Limited. The management team of Splendid Powerful comprises a group of experts in real estate, financial market, blockchain, Fintech, entertainment, contemporary and classic art.

About Silver Map Holdings Corporation Limited

Silver Map Holdings Corporation Limited is a company specialises in investing in income generating properties in South East Asia. Silver Map has successfully tokenised 10 apartments into MAMI Tokens, which is traded on "Crytosx" (www.Cryptosx.io), a digital exchange licensed in the Philippines.


To learn more about Silver Map, please visit Silver Map's website at


About Joyas International Holdings Limited

Joyas International Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the financing business in the PRC and HKSAR. Joyas cointinually seeks opportunities for the development and growth of the its business and operations. The JC Agreement is a strategic opportunity for Joyas to venture into the Fintech and NFT industry and is in line with the its strategy of diversifying its revenue streams.




Silver Map Holdings Corporation Limited




20 Jan 2022

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