Pretty Beauty launches the painless face slimming treatment Helping customers to regain their smoothen skin

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 December 2021 - People in Hong Kong are way too busy to take care of their skin's health on a daily basis, let alone getting prepared for the cruel and dry winter. When experienced with overwhelming damage from radicals, the collagen in the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin suffered are damaged. Skin problems and ageing symptoms then slowly reveal, whether it is a sallow face, loosened contours, or wrinkles at the eyes. Radicals are everywhere, but not just from the environment, but your emotions can contribute to the increase of free radicals as well.


To repair the everyday damage done by radicals, daily antioxidant care products are essential. To help you with your hard-to-recover situations, Pretty Beauty introduces Liftera-V HIFU instrument, which is certified by KFDA in South Korea, to accelerate your skin's self-recovery ability and to reshape the weakened facial elasticity and collagen network. 


Liftera-V combines HIFU with patented Thermal Diffusion Treatment ("TDT") technology, the thermal coagulation zone releases continuous dotted energy, creating slender invisible energy lines under the skin. It builds a net like structure in the fascia and dermis layers. With the vortex HIFU technology in 65oC , the energy is infused into the superficial Musculo-aponeurotic system ("SMAS") and around the dermis layer. The energy concentrates in the collagen network and results with improved skin firmness. Collagen is stimulated to reconstruct, so to improve skin quality and consolidate underlying skin structure. 


Like architecture, Liftera-V technology renews the "reinforcement steel" of the collagen network and improves the support of the facial structure. It repairs the sunken position of the face, repairs the fine lines of the face, lifts the contours, and ultimately restores the youthful skin. This is how the anti-aging effect can be seen in no time. 

Lightens the Dark Circle and Boosts Vitality

Compared to traditional HIFU treatments, short-term energy beams are used to perform repair work on the skin substrate in a scattering style. On the contrary, Liftera-V compensates for this shortcoming by connecting the dots into lines, condensing the high-energy beams into energy lines, and spreading the energy evenly at any subtle location. 

Liftera-V covers all places where traditionally energy beams find difficult to cover. It tightens the skins of bags under eyes, nasolabial folds, and nose wings, while improving skin tone at the same time. For nasolabial folds formed by excessive fat, Liftera-V can also smooth wrinkles and bumps to achieve a smooth face.  

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About Pretty Beauty Group
About Pretty Beauty Group

Pretty Beauty Group has been established for 36 years since 1985 and has 16 branches in the premium locations across Hong Kong. Pretty Beauty Group's beauty equipment meets strict international standards to ensure that it offers exceptional beauty services that are safe, hygienic, and reliable. Delivered by professional and experienced aestheticians, the treatments will grant you confidence and pleasure.

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30 Dec 2021

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