Forest Academy launches NLP skills corporate training courses in October this year

The incorporation of communication skills courses, sales skills courses, and Integrative Body-Mind training courses, to enhance corporate innovative thinking, to the training of corporate management elites

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 October 2021 - Forest Academy launches NLP skills Corporate training courses, incorporating Communication skills courses, Sales skills courses, and Integrative Body-Mind Training, to enhance innovative corporate thinking to the training of corporate management elites.

Corporate training NLP courses combine various Communication skills training, such as Speaking skills courses, Team Building activities, and Integrative Body-Mind Training, to improve the efficiency of work teams and their employees.


Forest Academy believes that NLP skills play vital roles in the building of clear communication skills. Moreover, team-building activities and speaking skills training would improve interpersonal relationships.


Furthermore, Integrative Body-Mind Training and relaxation workshops can help employees to improve their mental health, helping employees to quickly get rid of bad habits and negative emotions by enhancing positivity through stress reduction methods. As a result, this would increase work efficiency and job satisfaction.


NLP skills are powerful corporate training tools that are advantageous for improving personal performance in many business-related fields. For instance, many NLP techniques are the basis of persuasive and successful corporate sales techniques negotiations. The NLP sales skills course aims to unleash personal potential and improve performance.


As the performance of each employee is the core of corporate productivity and success, appropriate applications of NLP skills can increase one's confidence and morale. This would improve team performance and productivity, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. To enhance corporate competitiveness and team-building spirit, one can also participate in corporate social responsibility activities, as part of the CSR activity plan.


NLP Integrative Body-Mind Training and cognitive hypnotherapy courses are designed for employees and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals by eliminating their psychological barriers (such as the fear of failure). These barriers often prevent one from maximizing their abilities outside of their usual comfort zone.


By improving one's confidence in overcoming the usual limitations, practicing NLP skills can help one to form a psychological "safety net", which would enable effective performance outside of one's comfort zone, thereby achieving results that are beyond what was initially believed to be possible.


To increase positivity, one can also participate in the NLP dream interpretation and hypnosis courses, or partake in the stress reduction workshop, such as the tuning fork therapy and the harmony pastel courses to promote self-healing.


In addition to promoting corporate training NLP courses, Forest Academy also provides various on-campus courses, such as child communication skills and child psychology courses, Master of Ceremonies Training Course, interview skills courses, and DJ courses. Moreover, Forest Academy's youth career planning programs are available for students preparing to enter the workforce.  For example, the Interview training program can improve their interview skills before entering the workplace.


In addition, Forest Academy provides a variety of STEM education and STEM competitions, such as STEAM laboratory courses, scientific design courses, ecological education, Marine Ecology education, STEM activities, VR courses, nature education, outdoor education, Marine education, and STEM interest classes (includes topics of marine conservation and natural ecology). These STEM courses aim to promote understanding of the latest digital and STEM technologies, thereby strengthening corporate skills and enhancing market competitiveness.




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06 Oct 2021

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