Media OutReach Newswire Launches Greater Bay Area Media Distribution Service

The First Global Newswire to Connect Enterprises to Media Directly in this Region

HONG KONG - Media OutReach - 11 November 2020 - Media OutReach, the first global newswire founded in Hong Kong since 2009, affirms its position as an expert on Asia distribution by launching the Greater Bay Area media distribution service, the world's first to support the business need of the region. The Greater Bay Area media list reaches core and key node cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Hong Kong and Macao.


The Greater Bay Area has historically contributed to over 12% of China's GDP despite covering less than 1% of China's land area. With major government investment and global trade partnerships, the region is positioned to see business opportunities in many industries, including but not limited to green finance in Hong Kong; tourism and entertainment in Macao and Zhuhai; technology and R&D in Shenzhen; transport and infrastructure in Guangzhou; and services in Dongguan.


This has strengthened the need for a Greater Bay Area-specific media distribution service, which will not only help international businesses break into the market but will also help those already in the region to connect with other local markets and partners. Given the prominence of digital media in China, the service will also help businesses strengthen their online presence.


The Media OutReach Newswire's Greater Bay Area distribution goes to journalists in 11 core and key node cities as well national media and includes posting of the press release close to 300 online news sites. The guaranteed online news postings include a number of top media in China: Sohu (搜狐网), Sina China (新浪看点), Tencent (腾讯企鹅号), Netease (网易网), TouTiao (今日头条), iFeng (凤凰网), Zhong Guo Wang (中国网), Xueqiu (雪球), EastMoney (东方财富) and hundreds more. Owing to the strength of the Media OutReach database, this service will cover all industry-specific media and general media, making it ideal for those looking towards building its media relations with journalists in its targeted growth sectors in the region.


"Being the first newswire that owns our distribution network, we can quickly innovate to response to evolving market needs. With this new product, we aim to provide a solution to advance the business expansion and communication across Greater Bay Area," commented Ms. Jennifer Kok, Founder and CEO of Media OutReach. "Typically, clients can only choose to distribute to 'All China' media with any global newswire service; whilst at Media OutReach, we can offer targeted service."


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About Media OutReach
About Media OutReach

Media OutReach Newswire was founded in Hong Kong in 2009. Media OutReach is a technology company that distributes multimedia, multilingual press releases directly to targeted journalists, and automate the reporting process. The company's press release service supports the public relations, social and digital agencies as its pioneered changes in their distribution service by offering guarantee online news posting on authentic news media.


From Hong Kong, the company has expanded across the region and internationally with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and international reseller partnerships in the USA and Europe. Today, Media OutReach has grown to be the first global newswire founded in Asia Pacific region and the only with its own distribution network across 24 countries across Asia Pacific region; owning more than 130,000 journalists database and 460 media partnerships to provide authentic guarantee news posting and pioneering post release reports with insights and measurements.


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13 Nov 2020

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