China Railway Construction Corporation: Breakthroughs in Early 2024 Drive the Railways Modernisation

BEIJING, CHINA - Media OutReach Newswire - 23 April 2024 - China Railway Construction Corp Ltd. (CRCC, or "the Company") is proud to announce significant achievements in early 2024. With RMB 65.2 billion in national fixed-asset investments in the railway sector during January and February, up by 9.5% year-on-year, the Company has set a rapid pace and injected vitality into railways modernisation.

A Multifaceted Triumph Unfolding in Harmony

CRCC underscored its commitment to project schedules and efficiency after Chinese New Year, swiftly returning to work on 138 sites across 40 projects. The commissioning and operation of the Xinjiang Jiangjunmiao to Naomaohu Railway and the Chizhou to Huangshan High-Speed Railway in Anhui Province, along with successful joint debugging and testing, exemplified remarkable progress in control engineering and railway construction, showcasing technological advancements and effective collaboration.

Proactively Responding to the "Belt and Road" Initiative

CRCC leverages state-of-the-art technology and management expertise to undertake major engineering projects that promote international cooperation and regional prosperity. The Company showcases its participation and commitment on the global stage by engaging in the construction of upcoming or ongoing projects under the "Belt and Road" Initiative. This proactive approach highlights CRCC's enduring dedication to realising the Initiative's objectives.

Mr. Wang Xianjun, Deputy Manager of China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., LTD, stated, "The Company remains resilient and adaptive in the ever-evolving global landscape. We leverage global collaboration synergies and emerging prospects by establishing strategic international partnerships. Prioritising sustainability, we employ cutting-edge technologies and efficient strategies to optimise resource utilisation, minimise environmental impact, and ensure durable viability."

CRCC remains unwavering while maintaining strict corporate governance and fostering soil conducive to economic and social improvement. Through the transformative power of technology, CRCC stands at the forefront of driving railway modernisation for an interconnected world. The Company pledges to deliver exceptional services to society and fulfil its partners and clients.

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About China Railway Construction Corp Ltd.
China Railway Construction Corporation Limited provides transportation infrastructure construction services, spanning railways, highways, urban tracks, and real estate development and materials trading. China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd is CRCC's subsidiary that offers infrastructure construction services, including designing, developing, and constructing houses, roads, tunnels, municipal public works, etc.

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23 Apr 2024

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