OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE - The CECI Winery Present a World Exclusive, A Unique Aluminium Bottle with A Cork Stopper and Muselet For Sparkling Wine

At the CECI 1938 winery, a vision of sustainability meets tradition

TORRILE, ITALY - EQS Newswire - 4 September 2023 - The CECI 1938 winery present OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE, an innovative project focussed on sustainability and tradition. CECI 1938 is the first producer in the world to introduce an innovative container for its iconic wines - OTELLO Nero di Lambrusco and OTELLO Brut - designed by Berlin Packaging, the world's largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® that specialises in glass, plastic and metal packaging supplies and stoppers.


This 0.75 litre aluminium bottle has a neck designed to fit the classic cork, metal muselet and seal: a genuine sparkling-wine bottle.

The decision to name the project, and therefore the products, OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE, underlines the winery's desire to take an active role in protecting all our futures by introducing a sustainable solution. At the same time, it aims to continue handing down the passion and tradition of wine production, a business that CECI 1938 has been engaged in for over 80 years.


Attention to design and expression through imagery has always been part of the CECI 1938 signature. OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE bottles look elegant and toy with simple colours. On a matt black background the CECI 1938 logo is displayed - tone-on-tone. The opaque black seal completes the look.

In the centre of the bottle - in the form of a "label" - are the words OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE Nero di Lambrusco or OTELLO CECI FOR THE FUTURE Brut, rendered in white lettering enhanced by a slight colour gradient reminiscent of the purple hue of Lambrusco froth, or the golden yellow of brut sparkling wine.

On the back of the bottle is an evocative image, a sunrise symbolising the dawn of a new era, the desire to pursue a long-term vision for a future that begins today.

A manifesto in a bottle, which fits perfectly into the tradition of CECI 1938, moving it towards innovation. A message of powerful simplicity.

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05 Sep 2023

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