Infor Partners with China’s Industry Experts & Customer Dongfeng to Discuss New Opportunities for Smart Manufacturing in the New Normal

SHIYAN, HUBEI - Media OutReach - 20 November 2020 - Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today joined hands with one of its customers, the Equipment Company of Dongfeng Motor Corporation (hereinafter Dongfeng Equipment), to hold a media walk-in tour at Dongfeng Equipment's manufacturing base to discuss smart manufacturing and opportunities in the new normal.

As part of the event, a small seminar series involving industry experts was held to introduce attendees to Infor's solutions, their implementation and share with media how Infor's digital transformation solutions can help enterprises overhaul their manufacturing business. The seminars covered topics ranging from digital transformation in the automotive and automotive equipment manufacturing fields, the implications of China's 14th Five-Year Plan on digital transformation, best practices for intelligent manufacturing and more. After the seminar series, discussion groups were held to allow experts, media and enterprise leaders alike to learn together and discuss ideas about the future of digital transformation.

Dongfeng Equipment implemented two digital transformation solutions from Infor, namely Infor LN, and Infor EAM, helping it to standardize its business, processes and data management. Dongfeng Equipment was also able to establish a real-time production system, business and financial integration, full-spectrum quality control, and comprehensive traceability. During the pandemic, they were able to quickly transition to producing protective masks.

Dongfeng's digital journey with Infor has also been recognized by the International Data Corporation (IDC), which awarded Dongfeng Equipment for their digital transformation successes --  "boosting quality and efficiency" with the help of Infor's digital solutions back in September 2020.

"Before we set down the path to digital transformation with Infor, Dongfeng Equipment was struggling to manage all of the diverse tasks required by our operations," said Fang Mingqiang, chief engineer of information systems planning at Equipment Company of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. "Infor's flexible yet powerful solutions allowed us to optimize and standardize our processes company-wide to better keep up with the rigorous and dynamic demands of modern automotive equipment manufacturing, greatly increasing performance, lowering costs and boosting customer satisfaction. With this media tour and seminar series, we hope to show the world the great strides we've made with Infor as our partner, while demonstrating the ways in which other equipment manufacturers empower digital transformation with the help of Infor's solutions as we move into the future."

During the talks, Infor spokespeople Becky Xie, Vice President of Sales for Greater China and Korea, Chong Lu, Director of Business Consulting for Greater China and Korea and other experts from a variety of industries helped introduce Infor's solutions and explain how these solutions can help businesses during the new normal left in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The pandemic has left us in the midst of a new normal, and many enterprises, whether they be in manufacturing or other fields are still trying to find ways to not only adjust, but leverage the opportunities within this crisis to succeed and flourish as they move forward," said Dr. Pei Huang, President of Eworks. "Intelligent manufacturing solutions can help businesses better meet some of the supply chain, distribution, personnel and other challenges that arose during the initial outbreak and after Covid-19 had run its course. I am confident that Infor's solutions can help other businesses find the same success Dongfeng Equipment has seen."

"As organisations head into uncertain times in the new year, Infor is a strategic partner with a portfolio of industry-specific solutions that can help reconfigure operations and transform businesses to achieve success," said Becky Xie, Vice President of Sales for Greater China and Korea. "We are confident that Dongfeng Equipment will benefit from its use of Infor LN and Infor EAM solutions, and are excited that it is also helping to bring together top industry experts, media and manufacturers alike to up-level industry knowledge on smart manufacturing, and discuss the possibilities that our solutions can help open up."

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About Infor
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