The First CCG Card Mobile Game with The Theme of Werewolf Killing" Werewolves Untamed" Officially Launched Today

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 29 October 2020 - Today, the 1v1 confrontational reasoning competition CCG mobile game "Werewolves untamed" is launched for the first time. There are exquisite original card paintings and the original "day and night" replacement gameplay, 6 clans, 280 cards which create countless tactics for players to choose from. Players can download and get free card packs & exquisite skins now. Players in the Premiere regions can participate in the public beta to get the first download experience through Google and Apple Store.


Easily compete in a 10-minute brain-burning strategy battle

"Werewolves untamed" is based on the classic board game--Werewolf Kill. Players are free to choose their characters and combine them into battle card groups, through an ingenious day-night alternate system, a battle full of strategy and wisdom for killing the rival werewolves could be started by the command of players. Compared to traditional TCG CARDS, "Werewolves untamed" is more fast-paced and focuses on strategic games between players. A quick ten-minute matchup allows players to play anywhere and anytime.

Become a strategist and start an adventure in the world of "man and wolf co-existence"

"Werewolves untamed" is a perfect integration of dram and strategy. The story takes place on the Huaideluos Continent. In order to rebuild the honor of the framed werewolves and create a world where humans and werewolves live in harmony. Brewer--a human who had learned the power of strategy, made a declaration of racial coexistence with the Hail King of the Frostwolves. Thus the "War of Strategy" starts. Players will "join" this war in the adventure mode, play different roles, enjoy the complete story of the six camps, and fight for the camp together.

Beautiful original paintings, 6 clans, 280 cards, changeable decks

The game contains god, people, wolves three categories; the brotherhood, the Nobility, Holy Temple and other three clans bring as many as 280 cards. The exaggerated number of cards allows players to continuously experience multiple combination strategies. You can study every card you have, create your strongest deck, and crush your opponent.

Massive bonus for beginners: free card pack skins

Double benefits for opening service & Halloween celebration are coming! By downloading the game now, accomplishing some easy and fun teaching tasks, you can get the award of basic cards. Get the game now, you can also have the opportunity to get epic cards for free. Come and Participate in the Halloween celebration to win the opportunity for holiday gift packs and redeem the Halloween exclusive avatar frame!

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Werewolves Untamed

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29 Oct 2020

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